September 13, 2014

Danielle C. & Evan D.

Spring House Hotel
Block Island, RI

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Wedding – Spring House Hotel – Block Island, RI

A stunning, later summer wedding at the historic Spring House Hotel where East Coast Soul performed to a concert-like atmosphere amidst an amazing group of guests.

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East Coast Soul Wedding Performance at Spring House Hotel

East Coast Soul was asked last year to travel to Rhode Island for a Block Island Wedding. Bringing a band to Block Island is no small task - it involves not just a ferry ride, but also an overnight stay. We knew from the time we confirmed with our lovely clients, Danielle and Evan, that this was going to be a special adventure.

The first challenge was ensuring a safe journey to the island. Leaving Boston at 7:30am, we knew we were in for a long day. Fortunately our entire band arrived at the ferry in one piece. And early at that! Our first major hurdle had been cleared. The second was to haul our SUV/trailer combo on to the ferry, which had to be done in reverse. Fortuantely, we have a lot of experience backing our trailer in and out of a variety of tight spots, so this presented a relatively minor challenge. The trip itself was rocky to say the least. 3-5 foot swells rocked the huge ferry pretty substantially.

Arriving for our Block Island wedding, the band made its way quickly up to the wedding venue - the historic establishment known as the Spring House Hotel - where we able to easily unload and begin our set up on a spacious stage. We were lucky to be assisted by Danielle's wedding coordinator, Brandi Lacoste of Blissful Events. Working with her made the process a breeze and just added to the experience for us.

After a meal and soundcheck, it was time to prepare for guest arrival. East Coast Soul's contributions towards music for this beautiful Block Island wedding began with a jazz duo for cocktail hour out the hotel's vintage style porch. Our guitarist Bobby Wesley and saxophonist Dave Carroll breezed through a number of classic jazz standards in a "hot club" meets classic swing style. During the cocktail hour, unfortunately, it began to rain, and guests moved inside for dinner.

During the dinner hour, East Coast Soul provided background music and a mic/speaker for a couple of heartfelt toasts from the bride and groom's fathers. After guests wrapped up their meals, they migrated from the dining room into the parlor, where we were set up. A brief program of toasts, first dances, and parent dances preceded the band's performance which lasted until 11:00pm. During the performance, we were stoked to be joined by members of the Boston Indie Band, Indobox, who rocked out one of their favorite tunes to the delight of this Block Island wedding's guests.

After the wedding, East Coast Soul joined the wedding's after party for a slice of pizza and a beer before heading back to our hotels for the night. We were on the mid-morning ferry off the island feeling very accomplished, and tired. Congratulations to the wonderful bride and groom! Also, don't miss some of the amazing shots from Rose Schaller Photographry







"ECS was amazing!!! They were everything we hoped for in a wedding band. Our dance floor was jam packed all night long with all generations of guests! To start with, they are great to work with. Very quick to respond, very professional, and very reasonably priced! We got married on Block Island it was their first time playing out there. We took the chance because we were really into their style. So happy we did it. They were great! They did a great job with the announcements, which is always challenging when you are announcing 26 people. They got all of the names right! The music was awesome! Additionally, we had some friends who are in a band and they wanted to play a song that night. This was a surprise and was not pre-arranged at all. The band was so accommodating and let all the guys get on stage and play their song. The horn players from ECS joined them in an LCD Soundsystem cover. Pretty awesome to have the band able to switch gears like that at the drop of a hat. It was amazing! The guys are my husband’s best friends so having them up there was so special for us. ECS could have easily said no, as this was a disruption to their show and set-up but they were AWESOME!!! I recommend ECS 100%!!!"

Danielle C. - the Bride