Grafton Inn Wedding – Grafton, VT

East Coast Soul was invited to perform at a Grafton Inn Wedding in Grafton, VT for the rustic, autumn reception of Kelly and Jeff in September of 2010. Kelly and Jeff got in touch with East Coast Soul via GigMasters. GigMasters is one of the most common ways that people learn about East Coast Soul.

This was our first time working at a Grafton Inn wedding. Our journey to Grafton was made all the more beautiful because of the time of year. Striking foliage lined the route leading up to the venue. Once we arrived, load in proved relatively simple. The entire path to the stage was on one floor. The challenge at this venue was the space. With our full compliment of ten players, we had to cram quite a bit. This wouldn’t normally have been an issue, but there was a baby grand piano on stage which took up a lot of valuable space. However, our keyboardist, Nick Petrillo, appreciated the opportunity to play an actual acoustic piano! With that process complete, the band was ready to soundcheck. Soundcheck in this venue was critical because of the unique ceiling shape and close quarters.

In a majority of weddings, East Coast Soul is asked to provide MC services for the program portions of the evening. For this wedding in particular, we we tasked with lining up the bridal party and introducing them. With introductions complete, we moved immediately into the couple‚Äôs first dance. Once this was complete, we returned and delivered one of the band’s highest energy performances to date. As is often the case, we started with older material. Gradually, we worked out way into newer tunes. The couple had requested we end with Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey. As much as we try to hate that song, it always ends things with a bang.

Thanks so much to Jeff and Kelly for having us at their beautiful September Grafton Inn wedding. We wish them all the best.