December 18, 2010

Maggie S. & Ryan S.

Oyster Harbors Club
Osterville, MA

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Wedding – Oyster Harbors Club – Osterville, MA

An unforgettable, mid-December wedding at the Oyster Harbors Club on Cape Cod that will forever be remembered as one of East Coast Soul's favorite performances.

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East Coast Soul Wedding Performance at Oyster Harbors Club

Oyster Harbor Club Wedding 1

This wedding in particular will go down as one of East Coast Soul's all time favorite performances. Not only was it an amazing wedding, but with so many newly engaged couples in the audience, we were able to perform for variations of this same group of friends for years to come. East Coast Soul was invited to perform at their Oyster Harbor Club wedding in Osterville, MA for the beautiful wedding of Ryan and Maggie in December of 2010. Ryan and Maggie first learned about East Coast Soul through some close friends. We invited them to a showcase at our rehearsal space. Liking what they heard, they decided to sign on with us.

Oyster Harbor Club Wedding 2

This was our first time working an Oyster Harbors Club wedding, and it proved to be a real treat. This is a first class venue with great facilities and a classy vibe. The trip to the Cape is a far cry from what it is in the summer months. We sailed down to the Osterville area with no problem. Load in also proved quite manageable. With everyone on the same floor, getting set up is a much easier process. Part of our planning process involves outlining exactly what portions of the wedding East Coast Soul will be involved with. As is often the case, East Coast Soul was also asked to provide cocktail hour music. Because cocktail hour was being held at the same location as the primary performance, we were able to have all of our band members get involved with cocktail hour. When that was finished, the wedding was ready to move to the reception portion of the evening.

Oyster Harbor Club Wedding 3

In a majority of weddings, East Coast Soul is asked to provide MC services for the program portions of the evening. For this wedding in particular, we were asked to MC the introductions for the evening. In addition, we were also asked to learn several new tunes for first dances. In particular, we learned a Rod Stewart tune for the bride who's name matched the title. After completing the program portion of the evening, our performance could begin. This was, as mentioned above, one of our favorite performances of all time. The guests were beyond enthused with folks singing and dancing for the entire three hour performance. It was truly a night not to be forgotten.






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"Based on recommendations from others, we went into our wedding with very high expectations for ECS, and somehow they managed to surpass them. The band set exactly the right mood for our wedding with a perfect selection of songs that got everyone on the dance floor. We received countless comments from family and friends regarding ECS, all with lofty praise for their performance and ability to get the wedding guests involved. In addition to their already great selection of music, the band learned several songs for us, including an Irish folk song, that made the music all the more meaningful. Additionally, the band handled the more formal aspects, like the first dance and introduction of the wedding party, with the perfect mix of class and style. Hiring ECS for the reception was one of the best decision we made and I would wholeheartedly recommend them for any wedding or event."

Ryan S. - the Groom