August 16, 2014

Lee & Max

Newagen Seaside Inn
Southport, ME

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Wedding – Newagen Seaside Inn – Southport, ME

A landmark wedding of East Coast Soul's 2014 season at the beautiful Newagen Seaside Inn one of the most beautiful weddings in the Boothbay area, if not the entire state of Maine.

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East Coast Soul Wedding Performance at Newagen Seaside Inn

East Coast Soul was invited to perform at Newagen Seaside Inn wedding in Southport, ME for the beautiful reception of Lee and Max in August of 2014. Lee and her family came to see the band perform briefly at the soundcheck of a previous wedding performance. Giving interested folks the opportunity to see the band is key to helping them make their decision. This was our first time working a Newagen Seaside Inn wedding in Southport, ME. We are always excited to work with a new venue. It was even better because of the beautiful location and wonderful time of year.

Once the big day arrived, East Coast Soul made the long trip to Southport, ME starting early that morning. Throughout most of the year, this drive can be made in about three and a half hours. However, with summer traffic, a few notorious locations caused some serious back ups. When all was said and done, most of our carpools made the drive in a little more than four hours. Fortunately, the scenery along the way was quite beautiful. Loading in to the Newagen Seaside Inn's wedding reception area was manageable, though somewhat cramped with the other vendors involved. We hurried through the process to ensure we weren't in anyone's way. A Newagen Seaside Inn wedding is held in its ocean front tent. Fortunately, tents provide great acoustics! With that in mind, soundcheck (with our brand new PA system!) was a breeze.

East Coast Soul's planning process involves figuring out what parts of the wedding we'll be involved with. Lee and Max expressed a desire to have the band participate in their cocktail hour, in addition to the reception. Because of how a Newagen Seaside Inn wedding is laid out, we recommended what has become our most popular cocktail hour option, our jazz duo of guitar and saxophone. Their cocktail hour was held on a deck overlooking the main reception site. Our musicians set up shop under the wooden Gazebo and performed while guests took part in the raw bar and local beers. When that was finished, the wedding was ready to move to the reception portion of the evening.

Wedding - Newagen Seaside Inn - Southport, ME

Like most weddings, East Coast Soul was asked to provide MC services for the program portions of the evening. For this wedding in particular, we were only asked to introduce the bride and groom. With their introductions complete, we moved immediately into the couple’s first dance. Lee and Max chose to dance to one of our favorites: Let's Stay Together by Al Green. They were joined part of the way through by the entire wedding - a great moment! With this portion of the evening complete, the guests and vendors took a break for dinner. After toasts and a quick meal, we returned to deliver our performance.

Wedding - Newagen Seaside Inn - Southport, ME

While we are excited for every performance, we couldn't help but be humbled by this group's excitement for the band. The guests received us so well and the dance floor was truly packed for the entire evening. We shared a sentimental goodbye with the families once the evening was over.