We are committed to ensuring our booking process is a stress free, exciting decision that helps complete the vision of your wedding day.

"...Oh man, these guys are incredible. I think every single one of our guests came up to me on the wedding night and said 'Who is this band??? They are amazing!!!!'..."

Kendall P. - August 3, 2013

If there’s one thing we hate hearing about, it’s wedding bands and vendors that pressure clients into working with them on their big day. Gross. Most of ECS’s members have been married (or bought a car, or a house, etc.) and we know that there’s nothing worse than someone nagging you for your money. We’ve been there! Weddings, and wedding entertainment, are an investment. We want you to feel nothing but excitement when you move forward with us. We will not pressure you to move forward in any way, shape, or form. By all means, talk with us openly about your plans and budget to see if we’re the right fit. If we have ideas to share, we certainly will. If you have questions that need answering, we’re all ears.


It's not just our performances that set us apart. Years of experience allow us to share with you a refined, stress free preparation process that guarentees a successful wedding, and an unforgettable night of music.

"...We have nothing but great things to say about our experience with East Coast Soul. They played at our wedding reception and the music was fantastic - fun, soulful and energetic. Equally important, however, was their great customer service during the stressful planning phase leading up to our wedding date......."

Michael T. - October 11, 2014

By this point you’ve probably watched the videos, listened to some demo tracks, and you know that a great performance goes without saying when booking ECS. But it’s about more than just a great show. There are dozens of logistical end-points which need to be managed during any given wedding and performance. Travel, load-in, venue requirements, mother-in-law requirements (lolz). We get it. We’ve been there. Having worked in venues ranging from the crazy Uncle’s backyard to Newport Mansion ballrooms, we’ve learned to prepare for any and every eventuality. And when things happen that can’t be prepared for, we’ll roll with it and keep the party moving. Bottom line, we got you.


Our bread and butter are the renowned, soulful performances on which East Coast Soul's reputation is based.


East Coast Soul’s involvement in your wedding can extend beyond a great dance party.

Ceremony Ensembles

More often than not, our versatile musicians provide anything from a classical standards (think Bach, Motzart) to contemporary pieces (anything from Paul Simon and Van Morrison to Stevie Wonder and Sam Cooke) that’s meaningful to you. We’re happy to provide recommendations on what music can help set the mood you’re trying to capture at your ceremony. Popular options include:

Solo: Acoustic Guitar or Electric Piano
Duo: Acoustic Guitar & Electric Piano
Trio: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Piano, Woodwind or Vocalist
Quartet: String Quartet, Large Acoustic Ensemble

Ceremony Sound

We can also help provide a robust sound support for your ceremony in the form of multiple lav mics, standing mics, wireless mics, and a recording of everything for your videographer, if you have one. Chat with us about any questions you might have.

Wired/Wireless Handheld Microphone(s) and/or Lavalier Microphones
One to Four Discretely Placed Speakers
Recorded Music for Pre-Ceremony, Processional, Recessional, Etc.


Cocktail hour! You're through the nerve-wracking part. Time to kick back, relax, and enjoy!

Cocktail Ensembles

Bottom line here: we want to be flexible in providing the genre(s) of music you want to hear to help set the mood for the evening. Candidly, our most popular option is a light, instrumental jazz combo featuring anywhere from a soloist to trio, but we are happy to stretch out in providing larger/smaller combos of multiple genres.

*Solo: Guitar, Keyboard, or Saxophone
*Duo: Saxophone & Guitar or Keyboard
Trio: Saxophone, Guitar & Keyboard
Quartet +: Saxophone, Bass, Keyboard, Drums, Etc.

* Complimentary!


You made it! It’s time to relax. So we’ll take care of the hard work. We do the heavy lifting, you have the night of your life. Easy peasy.

Master of Ceremonies

Your grand entrance, along with that of your entire bridal party, is something that we will work with you to plan ahead of time, and orchestrate on the day of. Whether it's quick and understated, or a high-energy synchronized dance, we'll complete your vision of how you enter your reception.


Your first dance with your new partner in crime is a moment to savor. We'll work with you to either learn a brand new, special request or suggest tunes that get at the specific energy you're after. This goes for your parent dances, too. We love learning new material, so get at us - tell us the music you love and we'll be happy to learn it.


You may have spoken to other groups that mention a "45 minute on, 15 minute off" policy. That's not us. We are on stage as much as possible and, for performances of two hours or less, may not break at all. As soon as we're on break (be it dinner or during the performance) we'll have recorded music (either a playlist we create or you provide) cued up and ready to broadcast to avoid any downtime. It's all just about creating a seamless experience for you and your guests.


Our repertoire for any given evening varies from performance to performance. Our best advice to clients: lean on us in the creation of your night's music. Consider us your musical mixologists. Give us a flavor, a vibe, that you're after, and we can recommend a night of music that you can feel truly excited about. We'll then drill down to specific "must plays" and "do not plays" to ensure our performance matches your vision from end to end.


"Oh man, these guys are incredible. I think every single one of our guests came up to me on the wedding night and said 'Who is this band??? They are amazing!!!!' They learned the Cat Power song 'Sea of Love' for us for our first dance and I swear it was magic when they played it. Even more beautiful than I could've imagined. And they're so FUN! The singers were all dancing while they were singing and they had smiles on their faces the whole time, everyone just loved them and never wanted to leave the dance floor. I also think they played the perfect array of music, they got everyone from grandparents, to aunts and uncles and ALL of our friends dancing at some point. They knew just how to work the room, everyone would get excited at whatever the next song was :) I worked with Sean in the whole booking and planning process and he was the easiest person to talk to and work with. He listened to all of my ideas and questions and worked out the perfect package for me. He made everything so easy! And he was so personable, really caring about what we were going for in our planning and getting to know us as a couple. I definitely felt like a client he really cared about. On the wedding day when I finally got to meet everyone (we planned long-distance) they were all so friendly and fun, it was like having more friends there, who happened to be the best band EVER! We gave them a few songs we really liked and our favorite bands from their repertoire and they came up with the most amazing sets. Right after the first dance they played 'Signed, Sealed, Delivered' and EVERYONE jumped onto the dance floor immediately - perfect. And for the last song they played Journey's 'Don't Stop Believing' and my husband said it felt like a movie, it started out slow with everyone dancing as couples, and ended up with the whole place in a circle around us screaming the lyrics. Couldn't have been better ending! Hire them - they will MAKE your party!"

Kendall P. August 3, 2014 - Holliston, MA


East Coast Soul has performed all across New England and the Tri-State area at dozens, if not hundreds, of venues. Here's just a sample!