Elizabeth & John

Exchange Conference Center
Boston, MA

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Our second trip to the Exchange Conference Center in Boston reminded us why we love performing here so much. The location is set out on a long pier away from the hustle of crowded Seaport streets, however the full skyline is well within view. Visitors are both detached from the city and right in the middle at the same time.

The room itself is a pleasure to perform in, acoustically speaking, though it is a tight squeeze for the band. Set up had to be handled carefully, as the room was to be partially used for the ceremony prior to being used for the reception. What this entailed was the band squashing its entire, full rig behind a curtain for the first hour of the wedding. Then, as soon as this was complete, the main reception hall’s doors were closed while guests mingled outside for cocktail hour and we provided light jazz to set the mood. In less than an hour, we were able to migrate the entire set up out to its normal position, sound-check, and be ready for the performance.

With the band in place, the sun going down, and the lighting complete, the high ceilings and intricate architecture provide a wonderful atmosphere. East Coast Soul featured its ten piece ensemble for this particular wedding, which is always a blast. We want to wish this couple all the best, and thanks to Reiman Photography for the photos!

A picturesque, downtown wedding in late Spring at the Exchange Conference Center in Boston.

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