Cara & Kevin

Glen Manor
Portsmouth, RI

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A classy, mid-fall wedding at Glen Manor in Portsmouth, RI where East Coast Soul did it's best to *not* blow the roof off the place...

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Glen Manor Wedding Portsmouth RI

A Glen Manor House Wedding

East Coast Soul was invited to perform at the Glen Manor House in Portsmouth, Rhode Island for the beautiful wedding of Cara and Kevin in October of 2016. This was our first time working a Glen Manor House wedding. We are always excited to work with a new venue. It was even better because of the beautiful location and wonderful time of year. We’ve been hearing amazing things about the Glen Manor House for some time, so the opportunity to work there was more than welcome. The staff proved warm, welcoming, and helpful and made our time there a true pleasure.

Glen Manor Wedding Portsmouth RI

Traveling to Portsmouth, RI

Once the big day arrived, East Coast Soul traveled to Portsmouth and began our long process of loading in to the venue. While the ceremony was held outside on the lawn, the reception took place in the elegant Glen Manor House ballroom. Once we were set up, the band was ready to soundcheck. Soundcheck is one of the most important elements of our preparation process. Every space where we perform is very different, and the Glen Manor ballroom provided some specific challenges due to high ceilings and a marble floor. After a few minutes of tuning to the room, we were ready to go.

Glen Manor Wedding Portsmouth RI

Planning for the Wedding Performance

Part of our planning process involves outlining exactly what portions of the wedding East Coast Soul will be involved with. For this wedding in particular, we learned that Cara’s sister would be playing guitar and singing during the ceremony. Cara and Kevin asked that East Coast Soul provide sound equipment for the officiant, the readers, and the bride’s very talented sister. We were happy to set this up. The ceremonies we are involved with are often in some of the most beautiful areas of what are often already stunning venues to begin with. This ceremony at the Glen Manor House was no exception.

Glen Manor Wedding Portsmouth RI

MCing the "Run of Show"

In a majority of weddings, East Coast Soul is asked to provide MC services for the program portions of the evening, as was the case with Cara and Kevin’s wedding. This couple specifically requested that their guests would be able to hit the dance floor immediately following the cocktail hour for a brief set before the introductions. The couple asked us to play a recording of Paul Simon’s “Obvious Child,” to which they would dance for a bit before moving into the couple’s official first dance. This is almost always one of the most meaningful parts of the evening. It’s a chance for the couple to take a moment for themselves. For this wedding in particular, we were asked to play a recording of “Coming Home” by Leon Bridges.

Glen Manor Wedding Portsmouth RI

After Mr and Mrs Kraft finished their first dance, Cara’s parents gave a lovely toast, followed by additional toasts from the maid of honor, Emma, as well as Dan, the best man. With this portion of the evening complete, the guests and vendors took a break for dinner. After resting briefly, East Coast Soul returned to announce the cutting of the cake and then delivered a performance.

Glen Manor Wedding Portsmouth RI

Parent Dances

In many weddings, we are also asked to perform the couple’s parent dances. This is a chance for the bride and groom to spend a couple minutes on the dance floor with their father and mother, respectively. In this case, we performed “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” while the bride danced with her father. The groom and his mother danced to our performance of Frank Sinatra’s “The Way You Look Tonight.” Parent dances are a great way to start the performance portion of the evening. We generally ask for the attention of the guests to start. We then often ask them to join the couple and their parents on the dance floor, and then move directly into the rest of the performance.

Glen Manor Wedding Portsmouth RI

The Performance Itself

Our performances often start with older material. We’ve found this is a great way to get folks up on the dance floor with songs they’re familiar with. Cara and Kevin had some requests for those well-known hits, but also hoped to hear more modern music. Artists like Paul Simon and The Rolling Stones kicked off the beginning of our set list. We then moved into performing music by artists like Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. Finally, we ended the night performing contemporary material that everyone could sing along with – hits from Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, Bruno Mars, and Drake, just to name a few. We finished out the night with a special request from the bride and groom: “Tenderness” by General Public. Guests danced non-stop from beginning to end, and we limited our breaks to ensure people had as much time to dance as possible.

Thanks so much to Cara and Kevin for asking us to be a part of your beautiful October wedding at the Glen Manor House!






"YOU GUYS WERE AMAZING!!!! Seriously THE best wedding band ever. Everyone was (and still is) raving about you guys. Your energy and dance moves were unreal, I'm getting so excited just thinking about it! Thank you guys SO MUCH, you really made the night and we are beyond thrilled to have had you guys there. "

- the Bride

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