East Coast Soul Wedding Performance

Hyatt Regency Boston Harbor Wedding in Boston, MA

December 30, 2017

Kelsie & Andrew

Eight Piece
Photographer: Kendall Pavan Photography |

A stunning December wedding at the Hyatt Regency Boston Harbor in Boston, MA where East Coast Soul's ensemble blew the roof off the place!


"We hired ECS after seeing them at my cousin's wedding in 2015, so we knew they were great. East Coast Soul was absolutely unbelievable at our wedding. Their energy is AWESOME and their dance moves make the performance. The entire night our dance floor was packed thanks to them! Our wedding coordinator said he's never seen that many people on the dance floor for that long! My husband (who has a good voice) sang Shout with the band and it was so nice that they made it happen. My mom requested a special song at the ceremony and the band learned all of the words and sang it beautiful. We had one singer and a pianist at the ceremony. "

Kelsie (Bride)

Boston, MA
December 30, 2017

East Coast Soul was grateful to be invited to join Kelsie & Andrew for their stunning Hyatt Regency Boston Harbor Wedding in Boston, MA.

Preprations for Kelsie & Andrew's Big Day

Our groundwork for the wedding began well ahead, with Kelsie & Andrew expressing a variety of musical and logistical preferences with us for the wedding (we always leave an excess of time for preparation). Kelsie & Andrew were incredibly helpful during this advanced planning and incredibly helpful throughout.

Once the wedding arrived, East Coast Soul traveled to Boston, MA and took care of the normal load-in, set up, and sound check process for Hyatt Regency Boston Harbor weddings. We get a lot of questions about the logistics of loading in to any given venue. This is a part of the day that we take seriously, spending extra time to avoid rushing, and ensuring our gear is properly tuned for the room.


One aspect of our groundwork involves outlining exactly what portions of the wedding East Coast Soul will be involved with. For this wedding in particular, Kelsie & Andrew were also looking for East Coast Soul to help out for their ceremony. Kelsie & Andrew 's ceremony . East Coast Soul prepared a a Solo Piano performance and Single Mic for speeches. Following East Coast Soul providing roughly 30 minutes of “prelude” music as guests found their seats, the ceremony took place.

Cocktail Hour

As is common, East Coast Soul was asked to provide cocktail hour music. Cocktail hour is a wonderful chance for the bride and groom to unwind after the intense emotions of the ceremony. We do our part by providing a blend of relaxed music for guests to enjoy listening to. In this case, We provided a Playback and and featured music by artists such as Duke Ellington, Glenn Miller, and more.


In a majority of receptions, we is asked to provide MC services for the formal portions of the receptions. This Hyatt Regency Boston Harbor Wedding was no different. However, there were actually no formal intros for this wedding.

The groom and bride’s First Dance

With no introductions to take care of, we transitioned into the groom and bride’s first dance.

The newly married couple's first dance is almost always one of the most emotional parts of the wedding. It's a chance for the bride and groom to take a moment for themselves. For this particular wedding, we were asked to perform the first dance tune live, instead of performing it from a recording. With this part of the evening finished, the guests and vendors took a break for dinner. After as short a break as possible, East Coast Soul's ensemble returned to the stage.

Parent Dances

In a majority of weddings, East Coast Soul is often requested to play the couple's parent dances. This was a chance for the to join Kelsie & Andrew to spend a couple minutes in the middle of the dancefloor with their parents. For this particular wedding, the bride and her father danced together. Andrew and his mother danced together as well. Parent dances are an amazing way to start the performance portion of the evening. We often ask guests to join the couple and their parents on the dance floor, and then move directly in to the rest of the performance.

Dance Party

East Coast Soul shows often start with older material. We've discovered this is an excellent approach to get guests relaxed and dancing with songs they know and love. Artists like Stevie Wonder, The Temptations, Earth Wind & Fire, and more dominated the beginning of our set list. We then moved into playing tunes by artists like Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Prince and more. Finally, we ended the night performing contemporary material that everyone could sing along with.

Guests danced non-stop from beginning to end, and we limited our breaks to ensure people had as much time to dance as possible.

Thanks so much to Kelsie & Andrew for having us at their beautiful December wedding at Hyatt Regency Boston Harbor! And thank you to Kendall Pavan Photography for sharing these beautiful photos with us!

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