Our clients say far more about East Coast Soul than we ever could about ourselves. Please take a moment to browse our ever-growing collections of testimonials, or visit us around the web.

"East Coast Soul was amazing! They were so organized during the planning process and always provided thorough and helpful information. On the wedding day, they were incredible! Our guests are still talking about how much fun they had and how amazing the band was. Our dance floor was jam packed all night long! They are so talented and have so much energy! I highly recommend them to anyone for a future event! "

Megan (Bride)

Buzzard's Bay, MA
January 1, 2020
"Are you looking for a wedding band that will blow your guest away? Are you looking to have a huge non-stop dance party at your wedding with your friends and family running up to you and saying , "Can I be a groupie for this band?!?!". Then look no further, stop thinking about anything else and book East Coast Soul! We were originally introduced to ECS at a friends wedding, and to put it lightly, they were so amazing that I lost my voice the next morning from all the fun the crowd was having. When my fiance popped the question and we were planning the logistics of our wedding, we both knew that we wanted ECS at our wedding. We are so thankful they had an opening, and quickly booked them to be our band. Working with the managers of ESC, specifically Sean and Art, was wonderful, stress-free, and effortless. They are prompt, professional, kind, and down to earth. They are willing to work with you for anything in order to make your day shine. And then comes the wedding night--and oh goodness did the band deliver! I've never seen a band play with as much heart, soul, and gusto as ESC. They were able to play a diverse array of music to cater to all our guests, young or old(er). Everyone was dancing the night away, and the lead singers truly put on a performance show. They know how to gauge the crowd, which songs to play, and when to bust out the insane dance moves. Yes, this band comes equipped with dance moves too! We are so thankful to have had the opportunity of ESC performing at our wedding. They are truly electrifying and provided us with such fun memories that we will cherish for a lifetime. Book them TODAY!"

Anne (Bride)

New Haven, CT
November 11, 2019
"The wedding was “monumental” (one of our friend’s reactions) as the weather was fabulous, the ceremony was perfect, and all of our guests had a great time at the reception. ECS was a big part of that. We had friends asking for ECS contact information for future weddings and parties. ECS was very professional with the planning crew working with us all the way up to the day of. We had some unique requests as we had our children involved in performing during the ceremony and reception with the band. They all killed it and they had never practiced together before the performances. Our wedding venue was a bit tricky to navigate - had to take a gondola to the top of Mt. Mansfield - but the band got it done and was on time and ready to go for the ceremony and reception. The band sounded great and they had the guests dancing the entire time. They have an expansive playlist and chose from the genres and artists that we requested. The vocalists were fantastic and they got the guests involved. We were so happy that we went with a live band and so happy that we found East Coast Soul. We highly recommend them for weddings and parties / events - you will not be disappointed!"

Kelly (Bride)

Stowe, VT
October 10, 2019
"I cannot possibly recommend East Coast Soul highly enough. From the moment we booked them, everything was completely seamless. They were patient and thorough in answering all of our questions and made the planning process absolutely painless. Then came our wedding day. To say they blew us away would be a complete understatement. The energy and talent of this group is absolutely unreal. The way they can read the room to put together a set that keeps the dance floor on fire is incredible. I couldn't even keep count of how many guests told us they were the best band they'd ever seen. Some of our older relatives also let us know they thoroughly enjoyed just sitting and watching them perform - they felt like they were attending a concert. East Coast Soul was a huge part of what made our wedding so incredible - if you have the chance to work with them, do not hesitate. They are simply the best. "

Kellie (Bride)

Boston, MA
October 10, 2019
"ECS is unreal. They are SO MUCH MORE than a band. Not only are they all incredibly talented, they are genuinely kind happy people. Our dance floor was lit because of ECS. Torrence has the voice of an angel and Yuki got in the crowd- people went wild. Do not choose anyone else!! "

Caroline (Bride)

Kennebunkport, ME
October 10, 2019
"My husband and I saw East Coast Soul at a wedding one week after we got engaged. We did not have a venue or date yet, but we knew we HAD to have East Coast Soul at our wedding. We immediately reached out to them and they worked with us each step of the way. They were not only helpful and responsive, but they took each of our crazy requests and made our ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception music absolutely perfect. I cannot say enough good things about this group. We had every single person up out of their seats on the dance floor the entire night. They aren't just there to provide music, they are there to perform and get the party going. You will not be disappointed at all if you choose this group!! "

Mary (Bride)

Buffalo, NY
October 10, 2019
"My (now) husband and I knew we wanted to make sure the music at our wedding blew people away. Being musicians ourselves, having an outstanding band was probably our top priority in planning our wedding. East Coast Soul did not disappoint, to say the least. I can't begin to name all the people who have expressed how impressed they were with the music during our reception. People who weren't even at the wedding commented on how awesome they heard it was! It's been over a month since we got married and my husband and I are still receiving compliments on the band. Each musician made the whole performance feel very personalized and special - something we will never forget. If music is important to you, East Coast Soul will deliver THE best experience!"

Kate (Bride)

Gloucester, MA
October 10, 2019
"East Coast Soul was, without a doubt, the most incredible wedding band we ever could have asked for. We booked them sight unseen after seeing a different ensemble from the band play at another wedding several years ago, and never thought twice about booking a new ensemble without seeing them prior. We had 7 pieces and it was absolutely perfect. They have a very involved form that clients fill out to create the best night possible with the clients' visions prioritized from the beginning. This form and the details are not set in stone, though, so you are free to edit and amend throughout the planning process as your vision changes: this is ideal because not all major music decisions are easy to make from the beginning. The details are not so much that they are overwhelming, though. It is just enough to feel like you as the client have control over the event and the flow, while also giving ECS the freedom to do what they do best. We chose to have the band run the show - we did not have many stipulations or requests, and we are so happy that we had ECS use their best judgment of the night and the crowd to optimize the performance. They handled absolutely everything A/V from the beginning: from a gorgeous guitar playing for the ceremony, to the wedding party introductions, through the first dances (they even changed a lyric in a song for us as well as learned a new song), toasts, and the dance floor. They had suggestions for all of the processionals/entrance songs and we were so happy to have gone with their selections that made more sense than what we had initially requested. Their set list is long, diverse, and fantastic. Everyone was out on the dance floor all night. Their breaks were appropriately timed, they maintained high energy all night, and they got the party going again after people took breaks from the dance floor. They were excited, engaged, and seemed truly happy to be there with us on our special night. Their vocalists even got out on the dance floor with us to engage with the crowd. They did not have any special requests or needs, and were so easy to accommodate and work with from the beginning. ECS was the first thing we booked for our wedding after the venue, and we're so glad we did. This band is well worth it: you'll be happy you booked them and you'll never look back."

Elizabeth (Bride)

Middletown, RI
September 9, 2019
"We had East Coast Soul-Atlantic play at our wedding in September. They were so easy to work with and made planning the musical portion of the evening super easy. We loved that they also played for the ceremony and during the cocktail hour! The reception was so much fun because the band picked amazing songs to play and kept everyone out on the dance floor!! Plus, they were the most reasonably priced band we looked at! Thanks for helping make our wedding so memorable!"

Beth (Bride)

Newport, RI
September 9, 2019
"You do not need to search any further - you should hire East Coast Soul for your wedding! They are INCREDIBLE. We used the Stax ensemble and so many guests made a point of letting us know after the wedding how impressed they were by the sound and physical energy the band brought to the stage. The band played for several hours straight without breaks and kept the dance floor energy up - and we had a blast the entire time. Everyone from our little cousins to our grandparents were on the dance floor absolutely loving the music. And Sean was an excellent emcee the whole night which made the intros, cocktail music, and speeches run perfectly. Not to mention the band was very easy to work with and accommodated all of our requests - including having family members play with them and asking them to learn new songs for our dances. Guests haven't stopped asking for more information on this band for family / friends weddings because they are truly the best band you can hire for your wedding. Don't wait to reach out or they'll be booked for your big day!"

Lindsay (Bride)

West Dennis, MA
September 9, 2019
"I can't express my love for East Coast Soul more. They made our wedding exactly what we wanted it to be, which was an EPIC party. Not only are they incredible musicians, but outrageously impressive performers as well. We're still getting comments from guests about how incredible they were. Between the song selections, their ability to go with the flow and to fire up the crowd, they are a 12/10 and easily the best band I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing. I'm totally smitten by them and recommend them whole heartedly for your wedding."

Ciara (Bride)

Stowe, VT
September 9, 2019
"They ARE the Wedding !!! We saw them at a friends wedding and immediately knew we had to have them at ours . Especially the Stax Ensemble staring Giang Luc. He is electrifying !!! People were literally blown away by this band and we have already booked them for an office Xmas party . The team was organized in booking and capturing our style of music and very helpful with playlist for background music when the live band wasn’t playing . Literally the best wedding band ever."

Nicole (Bride)

Killingworth, CT
September 9, 2019
"So good!!! These guys are so f*king good. Honestly, they absolutely killed it - our guests are still talking about how great the band was. They are responsible and responsive in the planning phase, they are very talented musicians, and they know how to party."

Andrea (Bride)

Center Lovell, ME
August 8, 2019
"We are so pleased with the impact that East Coast Soul made on our wedding day! We booked ECS 3 months before our date; the booking and planning process were so smooth, and they kept us calm throughout. We didn't get a chance to meet the band beforehand, so we went off of online reviews, and a previous client's reference which was helpful and reassuring. They are so talented, were great entertainment at our wedding and played beautifully during our ceremony. We were most impressed with their willingness and ability to include our culture's traditional music, and played an incredible Hora! We are hopeful we will be able to see ECS at a wedding in the future! "

Miriam (Bride)

Walpole, MA
August 8, 2019
"Brought Down the House! Rodney, Carrie, and the band were incredible. We trusted them with playing our first dance, and they crushed it. The set list found the perfect balance to get both younger and older guests on the dance floor throughout the night. The only time they played a song that was not absolutely loved by our guests, they adapted and played an abbreviated version before transitioning to another song. We received innumerable compliments on the band, and a family member that is planning a wedding asked us for their contact information. In short, you cannot go wrong with this band!"

Ben (Groom)

Boylston, MA
August 8, 2019
"Hands down-the BEST decision I made for my outdoor Vermont wedding. I planned my wedding on my own and knew that music was just as important to me as tasty food, but was not sure if a band would understand how to work with my unique and unconventional requests. I started to work with Art and immediately felt comfortable and knew I was dealing with professionals. We went with The Soulsville ensemble and they absolutely blew everyone away. We had an older crowd for guests and we were worried no one would dance, but the dance floor was packed the entire evening. More importantly to me was that I gave them a few songs I needed them to play (which they did, on time and exactly as I had envisioned) but they understood how to navigate the evening and did not need their hands to be held. When planning a wedding on your own, there are a ton of things to think about and plan but ECS was not a bother. They knew what to do and did it better than I ever could have imagined. I want to get married again just to listen to them! ECS will be your smartest and easiest decision for your wedding!"

Lindsey (Bride)

Woodstock, VT
August 8, 2019
"East Coast Soul is hands down the best wedding band out there. Their vibe, energy, professionalism and most of all, performance were outstanding! From the moment we chose to work with them, everything ran smoothly. It was a very straightforward process and they worked with us on everything from the ceremony through the reception. We had a string quartet at our ceremony and it really made all the difference. It was beautiful. We had a few of the band members play at the cocktail hour and the vibe was perfect. I can't say enough about the Stax Ensemble at the reception. From the moment they started playing through the end of the night, the dance floor was packed. Their song choices and performance were absolutely amazing and the night was everything we could have imagined and more. Months after the wedding we are still getting compliments on the band and have people telling us they were the best wedding band ever. Highly recommend this fabulous group. Thank you so much, ECS!!!"

Shelby (Bride)

Kennebunk, ME
August 8, 2019
"East Coast Soul is awesome! I have been to many weddings with great bands, an East Coast Soul is unequivocally the best I have ever seen. I lost count of the number of people that came up to me during our wedding and in the days that followed to say: "they were the best wedding band I have ever heard." Our friends and family love to dance and have a good time, and East Coast Soul provided four hours of non-stop entertainment. Working with the band was quite easy: they are exceptionally well organized and make sure they are on the same page as you weeks before the big day. After filling out their survey, the band clearly totally understood the vibe we are looking for at the wedding, and even made suggestions of additional songs/artists to include that fit exactly with the kind of music we wanted. I cannot describe how comforting it was to be sure the band understood what we were shooting for. By the time the wedding rolled around, we had very high expectations given how great the band had been to work with, and then they blew our expectations out of the water! The dance floor was absolutely full from the opening song (Hold On, I'm Comin' by Sam and Dave) until the last song (Shout) four hours later. Amazing band, extremely versatile. Would recommend to anyone."

Charles (Groom)

Bolton, MA
August 8, 2019
"I literally cannot stop talking about how amazing this band was at our wedding. I have never danced so much at a wedding and I've never seen so many people both on the dance floor and moving tables to dance on the grass around it! I truly am not just saying that because it was my own wedding - this band was the talk of the entire next morning's brunch. We had the Stax ensemble with Dan and Astha singing and they are some of the most engaging performers I've ever seen. The whole band is so immensely talented and they did an excellent job with learning our first dance song, playing really appropriate (but good!) dinner music, and then turning it UP for the dance party. They also were so awesomely accommodating about traveling and making sure all details were accounted for. Thank you ECS!!!"

Cicely (Bride)

Stratton, VT
August 8, 2019
"East Coast Soul (the Stax ensemble) was the LIFE OF THE PARTY for our wedding!!! Their enthusiasm and talent were bar none. They made the entire process seamless and easy for booking and leading up to the wedding. I cannot thank them enough for making our wedding so incredibly fun and memorable. Truly one of the best investments for our wedding. Our family and friends had such an incredible time dancing and it was a night none of us will ever forget. Thank you so much for being part of our big day. "

Mariah (Bride)

Rye, NH
July 7, 2019
"The BEST wedding band! Not only was the performance truly incredible - they were also super professional and easy to work with. WORTH EVERY PENNY! We had seen a different East Coast Soul ensemble the year prior and made it a priority for our wedding plans. We booked a different ensemble with East Coast Soul than what we had seen before but it didn't matter - they both were OUTSTANDING. The song list to the skill of the performers really exceeded all expectations. People are still talking about how incredible this band was."

Canice (Bride)

New Gloucester, ME
July 7, 2019
"If you’re debating DJ or Band and you came across East Coast Soul….100% hands down please consider working with ECS. You won’t regret it, and neither will your guests. Our guests still talk about the music at our wedding. I had attended 3 friends’ weddings where ECS performed over the course of a few years, so that’s how I became acquainted with them - when we began planning our wedding we knew for a fact we’d hire ECS, even though they were in Boston and we were in NYC. We did check out a few other bands and listen to them just to see what else was out there and that ended up being an inefficient use of our time… as ECS was that much better. Their musicians and vocalists are so incredibly talented – sometimes we’d stop dancing just to watch the performance. Their musicality is amazing and they know how to read a crowd – which is exactly what you want at your party. No need to give them a playlist. Strongly suggest you shift some of your floral budget over to band/music and hire ECS – it will be so worth it."

Annelise (Bride)

New York City, NY
May 5, 2019
"Everything about this band is top-notch. From our initial interactions with Sean who walked us through a rundown of ECS' vibe and approach and answered all our questions, to the handoff to Art, who was present, prompt, and enthusiastic through all the details, to the actual day-of execution with Torrence, Traci, and the entire Soulsville ensemble...it was ALL flawless and magical. All of our guests RAVED (and the raving has continued!) with a special shoutout to Torrence. The energy was so high that the floor was literally shaking. We've never experienced a hora so lively (and so long!), and the surprise Don't Stop Believing (everyone thought we planned that) was the perfect way to end this magical night. Our videographer told my husband that he's going to be hard-pressed to find a background song to capture all the energy...and that was just after hour 1 of dancing."

Dana (Bride)

Wellfleet, MA
October 10, 2018
"ECS was the best wedding planning decision I made. They put on a show my friends and family will never forget. They hit different genres, across generations, and catered to my very specific requests! Could not be happier!"

Meghan (Bride)

Wellesley, MA
October 10, 2018
"Best Possible Wedding Band. East Coast Soul had our guests dancing from the minute they started playing through the end of the wedding. Highly recommend."

Beth (Groom)

Jersey City, NJ
September 9, 2018
"We had the most perfect night on Saturday night with East Coast Soul at our wedding!! We loved every minute of the music! The band had the most amazing energy the whole night and no one left the dance floor!! We were thrilled with everything they played and it truly made the night one that our guests and we will never forget! We had so many wonderful compliments and raving reviews from all of our guests! Our wedding night wouldn’t have been the same without east coast soul there!"

Kelly (Bride)

Fairlee, VT
September 9, 2018
"I booked East Coast Soul for my wedding without ever seeing them live. My sister was at a wedding and she Facetimed me from it while screaming "THIS WILL BE YOUR WEDDING BAND." I wasn't even engaged at the time, but she was adamant about it. Once I did get engaged, I decided on a short 9 month engagement. I knew bands would book up fast, so I booked them on a whim. There were other people looking at my date so I had to act fast, but I experienced slight fear afterwards that maybe I should have looked around. My wedding was this past weekend and I can be rest assured that there is NO better band than East Coast Soul. I am the first to admit when I am flawed, and I will say I was a pretty annoying bride when it came to the music. I was very nit picky and gave them a ridiculous amount of requests. They treated me like a Queen. Throughout the wedding planning process they were awesome to work with. Sean and Art responded to every e-mail and call extremely promptly and listened to everything I had to say. When it was time for the main event, the band absolutely CRUSHED it. They were so fun, energetic, kind, and insanely talented. I literally had to drag people off of the dance floor. My guests will not stop talking about how awesome the band was. They played all the right songs and really took my requests into consideration to create the perfect setlist for the type of wedding I wanted. The MC was so organized and kept everything flowing smoothly. Timing is huge at a wedding and it was an absolute flawless execution. I could go on for hours. Moral of the story is, East Coast Soul rocks. If you haven't booked them already, what are you waiting for??"

Alexa (Bride)

Farmington, CT
September 9, 2018
"East Coast Soul's Atlantic Ensemble was absolutely INCREDIBLE! They were really responsive and easy to plan with, and their performance was top notch. Everyone who attended our wedding raved about how incredible the band was and that they'd never seen so many guests out on the dance floor at a wedding before. They played an epic hora which got every single guest out on the floor. They also did a wonderful job with music for our ceremony (solo guitarist) and cocktail hour (jazz duo). We can't say enough amazing things about East Coast Soul! Hire them now."

Sarah (Bride)

Becket, MA
September 9, 2018
"We booked East Coast Soul - Torrence and Traci (also known as the Soulsville Ensemble) and had an 8 piece band for our 8/27/2016 wedding (Venue: Old Sturbridge Village). Our package included a 2 piece jazz ensemble for our cocktail hour. We opted for recorded music during our ceremony and had ECS provide the mics/sound. Booking this band was by far a game changer for our wedding and one of the best decisions we made!!! People were on their feet from the minute our reception started until the end of the night! We received SO MANY compliments on the band. One person commented that before he rounded the corner the song playing sounded so much like the original recording that he didn't realize they were performing it. I will admit that I originally had thought we should consider a DJ for our wedding to save money, however, when we went to a friend's wedding one month after we got engaged, it was clear that their live band made the night unforgettable. The next day we scoured reviews of Boston area bands and booked this group based on reviews and sound clips from their website alone. It's a big investment, but 100% worth it!!! ECS was very organized and thorough in walking through the night with us. We worked with Art in organizing our details for the day of and Torrence did an awesome job as our emcee with the night running smoothly. My husband felt strongly that we should let them "perform what they do best" rather than be specific about songs and they nailed it! We had so much fun dancing the night away and the energy in the room was clear. We continue to receive compliments on the band to this day! Don't hesitate, book ECS!! "

Katherine (Bride)

Sturbridge, MA
August 8, 2018
"We hired East Coast Soul for our wedding. Fabulous music, great energy. The band obviously just loves to play and it comes through in their performance. They also handled the recorded music for our ceremony and played the piano and saxophone during cocktail hour. They had a flat rate for the whole night and were totally flexible with us when we had last minute changes, which we really appreciated! Art and Sean are so easy to work with and respond very quickly and provide a detailed questionnaire and rundown ahead of time. The saxophonist also did some amazing improv that had everyone clapping during the reception. It’s like getting a show! We highly recommend them!"

Alison (Bride)

Lincoln, MA
August 8, 2018