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"Everyone at our wedding raved about East Coast Soul. They had our guests on the dance floor from the first song to the very last song of the night. The band played a variety of music that guests of all generations loved and appreciated. Working with East Coast Soul was all around wonderful. Our wedding reception was under a tent in a beautiful field in Maine in not-so-beautiful weather. Not only did the band drive all the way up here from Boston on our big day, but they also had to carry all of their equipment down about half a mile in the rain into the muddy field. They were very gracious and flexible about the last minute changes due to weather. The bands' positive attitudes contributed to the unbelievably joyous and crazy vibe of the party. Everyone was slipping and sliding in their rain boots on the dance floor, singing along to the music. East Coast Soul even surprised us by calling up my sister-in-law to join them on stage for the last song of the night! So many guests asked me where I found East Coast Soul and how I chose the band. From the moment I heard their music on the web, I knew they would be the perfect band for our wedding. I am so glad we hired East Coast Soul; They truly rock."

Nina S. May 20, 2013 - Phippsburg, ME

"East Coast Soul was incredible. The band and management were extremely thorough, professional, and easy to deal with. They were on top of all the details, making things easy for us. Most importantly, they put on an absolutely amazing show. The music and the energy of the band were awesome. Everybody at the wedding was dancing like crazy. I couldn't recommend these guys highly enough. Best wedding band ever."

Jonathen P. October 2, 2010 - Foxboro, MA

"Do you want a REAL BAND? Or a wedding band? My husband and I were in the market for a soulful, cool vibe...married on may 10th, after being engaged for 2years. We wanted a wedding that reflected who we are as a couple and took a long, stress-free time to make our plans. We are an NYC couple who happened to attend a wedding in Marblehead MA in 2012, not knowing more than 5 people at the 200 person wedding. East Coast Soul performed there and we danced the entire night. I am a professional dancer, my husband a sweet finance banker, and I must say that we danced more than ever before, loved every tune and fell in love with ECS that night. When we began planning for our wedding, we knew with no question who to hire and why. We had an eclectic group of friends and family, cultural differences and strongly opinionated guests, and EAST COAST SOUL was perfectly suited for our wedding. Not only were they lovely to work with, but long distance planning was easy, arrangements and specifications a breeze, but most importantly, they travelled within a reasonable price and ROCKED our wedding. I am still riding the wedding high, and each phone call I receive mentions first how incredible the band was, second how happy the groom and I looked dancing. To me that says it all, best night of my life and I am still singing random songs that ECS played off the list. What a wonderful crew, I would be honored to see them perform again. We will recommend to everyone if they want A BAND...A REAL BAND, to enhance and create the beauty of their event, EAST COAST SOUL is the way.... Love you guys, and so many thanks!"

Denise M. May 10, 2014 - Garrison, NY

"The wedding day surpassed anything we could have hoped for. If I had a dollar for everytime someone came up to us during the reception and raved about the band I could pay off all my student loans. you are all true artists and you made the night special for us in every way. People were so impressed with everything you did from the song selections, to singing, to dancing, to your energy, to how late you played, and your incredible sound. Be proud of what you all have put together because I believe you are the best out there based on other weddings I've been to and what all my family and friends said as well. I will look forward to calling you again for other parties down the road...and I'm sure others will as wel."

Jamie L. June 27, 2014 - Sturbridge, MA

"East Coast Soul is the best!! The band put on an amazing dance party at our wedding, everyone loved it! They provided live music for our ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. The management was great to work with too. They are really quick on email and very professional. They have a really good online survey you get to fill out to outline exactly what you want, and they deliver! Seriously cannot overstate just how amazing this band is!"

Pat M. September 19, 2015 - Harrisville, NH

"Oh man, these guys are incredible. I think every single one of our guests came up to me on the wedding night and said 'Who is this band??? They are amazing!!!!' They learned the Cat Power song 'Sea of Love' for us for our first dance and I swear it was magic when they played it. Even more beautiful than I could've imagined. And they're so FUN! The singers were all dancing while they were singing and they had smiles on their faces the whole time, everyone just loved them and never wanted to leave the dance floor. I also think they played the perfect array of music, they got everyone from grandparents, to aunts and uncles and ALL of our friends dancing at some point. They knew just how to work the room, everyone would get excited at whatever the next song was :) I worked with Sean in the whole booking and planning process and he was the easiest person to talk to and work with. He listened to all of my ideas and questions and worked out the perfect package for me. He made everything so easy! And he was so personable, really caring about what we were going for in our planning and getting to know us as a couple. I definitely felt like a client he really cared about. On the wedding day when I finally got to meet everyone (we planned long-distance) they were all so friendly and fun, it was like having more friends there, who happened to be the best band EVER! We gave them a few songs we really liked and our favorite bands from their repertoire and they came up with the most amazing sets. Right after the first dance they played 'Signed, Sealed, Delivered' and EVERYONE jumped onto the dance floor immediately - perfect. And for the last song they played Journey's 'Don't Stop Believing' and my husband said it felt like a movie, it started out slow with everyone dancing as couples, and ended up with the whole place in a circle around us screaming the lyrics. Couldn't have been better ending! Hire them - they will MAKE your party!"

Kendall P. August 3, 2014 - Holliston, MA

"We have nothing but great things to say about our experience with East Coast Soul. They played at our wedding reception and the music was fantastic - fun, soulful and energetic. Equally important, however, was their great customer service during the stressful planning phase leading up to our wedding date. Aaron, Sean, and Art were organized, professional, and responsive throughout the whole process. They were cooperative despite last-minute changes, diligent about learning important names and introductions, and even let us use their sound system for an additional hour so our DJ friend could play music after their set. They're great guys and we recommend them wholeheartedly."

Michael T. October 11, 2014 - Thompson, CT

"Michele and Chris were over-the-moon happy with everything on Saturday and the band was top of the list! I sent Sarah a text on Saturday telling her how happy I was with all they did!! The dance floor was packed!! A sign of success!"

Tiffany M. June 7, 2014 - Newburyport, MA

"We could not have had a better experience booking East Coast Soul for our wedding party. In the months leading up to the event, their management was responsive and accommodating with requests and let us know exactly what they needed for their portion of the evening. They showed up on time, were set up on time and started on time. Honestly, I didn't have to worry about a thing when it came to the entertainment. But hands down- the best part about booking East Coast Soul is that our dance floor was packed the entire night. I still hear from guests that this was 'the best band they'd ever seen perform at a party or event' and I happen to know some of my guests have gone on to see the band when they've played a few clubs around Boston. We got more raves over this band than we did the food (which was excellent), the venue or the desserts we served. My only regret is that we can't have them play at every party we have...They are that good."

Jacquie M. June 21, 2011 - Lincoln, MA

" You can't really get much better than Stax/East Coast Soul. My wife and I had high expectations when we booked them, but were completely blown away after they performed our wedding. We had the 10 piece group and their keyboardist played the ceremony, in addition to a jazz trio for the cocktail hour. The sound they provided was top notch (no feedback shrills at any point, which I have experienced a lot in the past) and the energy was incredibly high. Sean and Art were both super professional and I was able to put a lot of trust in them to deliver a premium performance. I used to play music professionally and speaking from experience, you can't really get much better than this group. They were super fun and the singers had choreographed dancing throughout the nonstop reception. Thanks again for the awesome performance and the great memories ECS! "

Mark September 24, 2017 - Philadelphia, PA

"East Coast Soul was the best choice we could have made to make our wedding the success it was! The entire night was a huge dance party, everyone out of their seats just having the best time ever - all thanks to ECS! We had a couple of impromptu speeches and a few twists and turns in the structure of the night, and the band handled them seamlessly - as if it was all planned that way. We had some specific requests around not playing certain verses in select songs, changing up some words here and there and they nailed every request! Additionally, Art was incredibly responsive, which made the planning process super easy and stress-free. We'd highly, highly recommend East Coast Soul if you want an awesome wedding band to make your night amazing!"

Lauren F. August 22, 2015 - Kennebunkport, ME

"We loved ECS. Their musicianship is outstanding, they set the tone for a fantastic dance party, and every guest raved! It was an awesome way to end our wedding! Leading up to the wedding, ECS was very responsive and professional. They invited us to hear them and held our date until we did. It was a very easy decision once we heard them! We had Torrence and Traci as singers - they killed it! The jazz duo at cocktail hour laid out a great atmosphere and the solo guitar at dinner made the night so special. ECS is well worth the money. Live musicians deliver an incomparable experience and I highly recommend this very talented group!"

Kara R. September 27, 2014 - Lenox, MA

"East Coast Soul was amazing! They were so organized during the planning process and always provided thorough and helpful information. On the wedding day, they were incredible! Our guests are still talking about how much fun they had and how amazing the band was. Our dance floor was jam packed all night long! They are so talented and have so much energy! I highly recommend them to anyone for a future event!"

Megan June 3, 2017 - Buzzard's Bay, MA

"East Coast Soul played at our wedding in Salem in July - month later, our guests are still raving about how we had the best band ever! From the very first song, the dance floor was packed and it stayed that way until the end of the night. The singers were absolutely amazing and my friends are still talking about them - they got so into the music, dancing and giving a great performance that everyone else did too. They also did a great job with the music for our ceremony and cocktail hour, with acoustic versions of songs we had selected for the ceremony and a jazz trio during the cocktail hour. They were great to work with and made the whole process go so smoothly. Hiring East Coast Soul was hands-down the best decision we made to turn our wedding into an unforgettable night for everyone! Thank you all!"

Meghan July 14, 2017 - Salem, MA

"Stop looking for any other wedding band and hire East Coast Soul! They are truly an amazing band. I had read all the awesome reviews prior to booking them but nothing could have prepared me for the level of energy they brought to the dance floor. At least 20 of my guests told me that this was the best wedding band that they had ever seen and multiple people asked me their name for future bookings. They had all my guests dancing the night away and their dance skills and vocals make you feel like you are at a concert. People were going nuts for them! In addition, they are consummate professionals and always readily available via email to answer questions quickly. They are so talented and provided AV services and music for our ceremony, cocktail hour, and wedding reception seamlessly transitioning from classical to jazz to Motown to top 40 hits. They are the best!"

Kinza October 14, 2017 - Bretton Woods, NH

"East Coast Soul made our reception SO awesome! The music was our favorite part of the night and they are outstanding! All of the band members are so talented!! We even added a horn section that was fantastic !! You won't be disappointed!! Check them out!! "

Katelyn October 10, 2015 - Boston, MA

"My fiance was not sure about the idea of getting a band for our wedding. She was content with a DJ and I really had to sell her on the idea that a band was the way to go. It was, her words not mine, "the best decision I have ever persuaded her to buy into". When I was trying to find the best band that fit our budget (as young, recent college graduates), East Coast Soul rose above the rest. The band was responsive to emails (typically the same-day I would send one), upfront about what they could provide, and open to negotiation once we discussed our wedding budget. The weeks leading up to the wedding, East Coast Soul worked with myself and my fiance to provide us with a customized wedding experience fit for our venue and our crowd. We filled out a survey to give the band a general idea of what we were looking for during the wedding, and the band connected with us and the venue shortly after filling out the survey to iron-out specific details on the night. East Coast Soul talked us through what the day of the wedding would look like, and were comfortable to make suggestions and recommendations (about both the day and the music selection) that would help prepare us for what was to come. By the time we arrived at Bittersweet Farm for the wedding, the band was already there setting up for the event. The music was AWESOME. I cannot tell you the number of people who came up to me during the night, and days after the event talking to me about how "this was the best wedding band they have ever heard". The crowd was ALIVE and even people who had to go home because of work the next day stayed until the very end. Everyone from younger relatives to our friends in their 20's to parents and grandparents were on the dance floor until the very end! Our wedding was truly something special, and I cannot think of any other band that would have fit our wedding better than East Coast Soul. It was truly everything that we could have asked for...and then some."

Michael M. July 26, 2015 - Westport, RI

"There are no words to describe the “awesomeness” that is East Coast Soul! They are a hurricane of energy, talent and great music. They are more than a band, they are vibrant performers that are able to sense the tone of the room and play exactly what’s needed every moment of your wedding. By the end of the night, the members of ECS were our friends that were seamlessly part of our wedding! They brought everyone to the dance floor…I mean EVERYONE and played songs that were loved by all generations present. Throughout the course of the night I had multiple people tell me it was the best wedding band they had ever seen and were so happy to be part of the experience. ECS were great to work with throughout the entire process and they travelled all the way to Vermont for our wedding. They were super organized and helpful and even went so far as to learn a song that my father wrote for our dance together! I have never seen my dad so touched and overjoyed. If there is any debate in your mind between getting a DJ or getting a band, do yourself a favor…stop worrying, and hire these guys! They are worth it and will not disappoint. East Coast Soul is one of the reasons our wedding was a hit! They brought the love, energy and life to our party."

Allyson July 2, 2017 - Arlington, VT

"We hired East Coast Soul for our wedding. Fabulous music, great energy. The band obviously just loves to play and it comes through in their performance. They also handled the recorded music for our ceremony and played the piano and saxophone during cocktail hour. They had a flat rate for the whole night and were totally flexible with us when we had last minute changes, which we really appreciated! Art and Sean are so easy to work with and respond very quickly and provide a detailed questionnaire and rundown ahead of time. The saxophonist also did some amazing improv that had everyone clapping during the reception. It’s like getting a show! We highly recommend them!"

Alison August 25, 2018 - Lincoln, MA

"These musicians crushed it at our wedding! So many of our guests came up to us throughout the night to tell us how fabulous the band was. They were so easy to work with leading up to the wedding day, and they were happy to tailor the event to exactly how we wanted it. They were so energetic, talented, and passionate about their music, and they had everyone on the dance floor all night. We couldn't recommend them enough! We are so appreciative that they made the trip from Boston to NY to help make our wedding day so special!"

Lily May 20, 2017 - Cortlandt, NY

"East Coast Soul was amazing! It's all anyone wants to talk about when the subject of my wedding comes up--and we had a lot of other awesome things happen. They were so upbeat, easy to work with, and most importantly, entertaining! Not to mention they were the most affordable band I looked at (you work directly with them so no management company premium). HIGHLY recommend!"

Carly September 3, 2017 - Lincoln, MA

"My daughter's wedding was just last weekend at Cruiseport in Gloucester. She goes to school in the UK so I also had the task of finding a band for the wedding while she was out of town. The one thing she wanted most for her reception was a live band that would get people dancing. I should also tell you that I'm a musician, so my standards are pretty high. I looked at a lot of bands before deciding upon East Coast Soul, and I can tell you without reservation they were a terrific choice. This band literally had everyone on the dance floor from the first song to the last. We asked them to play a lot of R&B, Motown, Soul and Funk so it's all very infectious, danceable music to begin with. But when you add to this their incredible musicianship, excellent sound system, and amazing vocalists, you just know you are in for a fantastic evening the moment they start playing. Another good example was after their short break. Our venue had a ballroom and also an outside deck. During the band's break, almost everyone went out to the deck. But when the band returned, everybody was back inside and on the dance floor again by the 2nd song of the set. Their singers would also step out and join people on the dance floor with a wireless mic, and this kicked the party up to a whole new level. I have to say, ECS are also consummate professionals and very easy to work with. Again, I've worked with a lot of musicians over the years, and I was so impressed with how friendly and accommodating they were. As a special request I asked if one of their singers would join me while I played a song for my daughter on piano. He delivered a performance that brought the house down, and it's something I will never forget. These guys really care about what they are doing. Again, I simply can't praise them highly enough, and if you asked the bride, the groom, or anyone else there they would tell you the same thing. Everyone kept saying how incredible they were and asking me where did I find this band. We had an absolutely perfect day, my daughter was so happy, and East Coast Soul really made the evening. I would recommend them to anyone for a wedding or any event. They are truly one of the area's finest performing acts."

Joe I. August 10, 2014 - Gloucester, MA

"I first saw ECS in 2011 when they were performing in Boston. I knew then that I wanted them for my wedding someday! Over the next few years I actually used them for a couple of corporate events as I am an event planner by trade. Finally when I got engaged in 2015, they were literally my 3rd call after my family to say "It's time to finally perform for me!". I worked with Sean & Art leading up to the wedding on exactly what I wanted and they did more than deliver. They got every detail exactly as I wanted-include a music mix for my Father/Daugther dance. As a former wedding coordinator, I was very particular that I wanted our music to be the "key feature" of the event- after all, that's what people remember the most! Wedding day came and ECS killed it- they performed our first dance which was a country song- a bit out of their element but you'd never know it! (Dan & Shay, From the Ground Up). The kept the crowd on the floor the ENTIRE night- including my 85 year old aunt!! At the end of the night, my guests were literally yelling "encore, encore". When else do you see that at a WEDDING?! I honestly can't say enough good things about ECS. I can't think of anyone else that even compares to the level of entertainment they provide. I can 200% guarantee that if you book them you will love them just as much as I did- well a close second anyways ;) Thank you Sean, Art & Crew for making our night SO special! We love you guys! "

Jackie September 17, 2017 - Mashpee, MA

"Based on recommendations from others, we went into our wedding with very high expectations for ECS, and somehow they managed to surpass them. The band set exactly the right mood for our wedding with a perfect selection of songs that got everyone on the dance floor. We received countless comments from family and friends regarding ECS, all with lofty praise for their performance and ability to get the wedding guests involved. In addition to their already great selection of music, the band learned several songs for us, including an Irish folk song, that made the music all the more meaningful. Additionally, the band handled the more formal aspects, like the first dance and introduction of the wedding party, with the perfect mix of class and style. Hiring ECS for the reception was one of the best decision we made and I would wholeheartedly recommend them for any wedding or event."

Ryan S. December 18, 2010 - Osterville, MA

"We could not be happier with the band we selected for our wedding in Maine. As an Atlanta-based couple, it was challenging to research vendors for our destination wedding from home, but after scouring the internet for a band that had the soul/old- and new-school funk vibe that we wanted, we were so fortunate to happen upon East Coast Soul's website. While we were impressed with their video clips and their extensive repertoire, we knew that we were still taking a chance on a band that we did not have the opportunity to see live until our wedding. They exceeded our every expectation! The vocalists astounded us and our guests with their pipes and the soul with which they sang every song-- their voices were astounding. Sean, who was also the drummer, was great and easy to work with from the beginning of the wedding planning phases. The band members' clear passion for their music perfectly complemented the vibe of abundant love and bliss of togetherness and unity that characterized our entire wedding weekend. Everyone was ecstatic about the music. I might add, there were many professional musicians among our guests, and they were all supremely impressed with the skill and groove of this smaller ensemble that had the intensity and full sound of any larger group we'd ever heard. They had an almost tangible chemistry. We were also fortunate to be able to hang out with three of the band members during our small, casual and intimate impromptu after-party in the lounge of our hotel. Not only are they amazing musicians, but they are absolutely wonderful people. I am happy to have made three new friends. Importantly, as my husband and I are an interracial couple with an extremely diverse family and group of friends (ethnically, politically, life journeys etc.), we were delighted by East Coast Soul's own diversity that quite perfectly reflected us, and what we stand for and cherish. We believe that the unity in their diversity is an integral part of what makes them such an incredible band. We hope to hear them perform again at some point, and we are looking forward to studio recordings that they might be releasing in the near future. Bottom line-- you absolutely cannot go wrong with this band. You and all of your guests will be talking about the band at your wedding for a long, long time."

Malu S. September 20, 2013 - Cape Elizabeth, ME

"From the first time speaking with East Coast Soul through the last song played at our wedding we could not have envisioned a better band to work with for the big day.Throughout the entire planning process ECS was incredibly professional, responsive and always happy to answer any questions we had. It's difficult to express what a fantastic atmosphere the band provided - from the light jazz music during cocktail hour to keeping the dance floor packed throughout the entire night - the night was unforgettable. Everyone left the evening talking about how wonderful the band was and we couldn't have agreed more! Thank you so much East Coast Soul!!!"

Andrew H. June 8, 2013 - Cohasset, MA

"East Coast Soul was an amazing addition to our wedding reception. They were easy to work with, super professional, and played with so much energy and enthusiasm that our guests couldn't stop dancing. Even weeks after our wedding, one of the first things that our guests tell us about our wedding is how much they loved ECS. The music was incredible and they kept the energy up all night. They not only sang and played their hearts out, but they also were amazing dancers and put on such a show that just watching them was fun! You can tell they really love what they do and their enthusiasm is contagious. Book this band, you won't regret it!"

Stu W. June 7, 2014 - Becket MA

"We hired EAST COAST SOUL for our daughter, Kelley's wedding (9-18-2010-Grafton, VT). Living in California I left the decision to hire a band up to my soon to be son-in-law, Jeff. Jeff is a Musician himself and knows good music when he hears it. I was skeptical having only pursed the website prior to the Wedding. I was blown away, this is the best group of talented musicians and vocalists I have heard in a long time. WOW, I cannot say enough about this Band - from the musicians to the vocalists - it was truly a SPECTACULAR evening. The band is an intricate part of the reception - the band can make or ruin a reception - EAST COAST SOUL made our reception. We did not want the MUSIC to end, thus enjoying two encores! We received many comments on how great the band was! I cannot believe there were 11-members in a tiny space - EAST COAST SOUL pulled off a GREAT evening! If anyone wants to hire a talented and highly entertaining musical group for any occasion - I HIGHLY recommend EAST COAST SOUL!!! THANK-YOU EAST COAST SOUL for making Jeff & Kelley's wedding reception truly unforgettable."

Deanne B. September 18, 2010 - Grafton, MA

"East Coast Soul is awesome! We couldn't be any happier. Our guests LOVED the band and everyone kept talking about the 2 vocal soloists--excellent voices! It's been a couple of months after our wedding and our friends and family are still talking about how great East Coast Soul was. Everyone was dancing! Honestly, they were great to work with and we had so much fun with them."

Klenda M. April 20, 2013 - Salem, MA

"I can't say enough good about East Coast Soul. As a musician, having the right music for our wedding was paramount to me. But I was afraid I wouldn't be able to find or afford the quality that I wanted. I feel so lucky and blessed to have discovered ECS. They worked with me every step of the way to make sure that all my preferences were honored. They were professional, timely and always courteous, not to mention how talented they are. They even helped me play a song for my bride which was an unforgettable moment for us. I haven't seen or talked to a guest yet that hasn't mentioned the band as part of what made our night special. They did not disappoint in any way. We are already looking for our next party to have them back. Thank you again ECS!"

Tyler S. April 20, 2013 - Bristol, RI

"The first few adjectives that come to mind... Incredible, Amazing, Superb... and the list goes on and on. Not only was East Coast Soul incredibly easy and professional to work with (easy website to navigate, open rehearsals to view their songs, customized playlists, etc), they provided over six hours of non-stop fun during our power-less wedding... yes, POWER-LESS wedding. My husband and I were married just over three weeks ago in Ipswich, MA. It happened to be the night of an epic summer thunderstorm - cue bride panic. Halfway through cocktail hour, a huge bolt of lightening struck the Estate where our reception was being held and knocked out all the power. Rather than panic, East Coast Soul assured me and my husband that they'd do everything they could to still make the evening a success - and they couldn't have pulled through any stronger! While waiting for the generator to arrive, the band quickly put band members on their horn instruments and grand piano so music could still be heard through the Estate. Although they had not planned to play these instruments during cocktail hour originally, they quickly adapted to the situation and had our guests dancing even before dinner was served. As soon as the generator arrived, they plugged right in and led our party through the most epic dance party. I've heard nothing but rave reviews from friends and family since our wedding. And I already have friends asking for their contact information for their own weddings. I couldn't be happier that my husband and I chose Sean and Aaron and the rest of the band from East Coast Soul. They provided amazing acoustics, awesome dance moves, and an all around seamless evening despite everything that was thrown at them. Not to mention, they are incredibly affordable! Thank you, East Coast Soul - you were the BEST!!"

Lauren W. September 6, 2014 - Ipswich, MA

"We had East Coast Soul play at our wedding last month and boy are we glad that we chose them!! They were an absolute blast! So much energy, talent and so much fun. Aaron was awesome to work with and even went above and beyond to help us out with an extra sound system for the ceremony when our venue had issues with theirs two days before the wedding. We were so thankful! They announced our entire wedding party perfectly and got every single detail of the night just right. They played awesome jazz music during dinner and then kicked it into high gear playing straight through the night- without even taking a break! We had so many of our guests tell us how awesome our band was and they are still talking about it a month after the wedding!! I would definitely recommend East Coast Soul to anyone looking for a band that will have you and your guests on the dance floor all night long!"

Cory C. August 30, 2014 - Newport, RI

"We could not have been happier with East Coast Soul prior to and on our wedding day! We actually booked them without seeing them play live which was risky but it worked out because they absolutely killed it at the wedding. We received a lot of feedback from our guests about the bands energy and musicianship. Which wish they could have played all night long. Additionally, Aaron, Sean and Art were incredibly easy to work with and very helpful. Sophia, Gian and Dan were absolutely amazing. We highly recommend this band."

Jennifer C. October 11, 2015 - Thompson, CT

"I can't tell you how much fun East Cost Soul was at our wedding in June! We had the 8 piece band play the reception and the small trio played the cocktail hour. The band was extremely easy to work with throughout the entire planning process, fast to get back to me with answers to all of my questions and were very professional the day of. But above all- the band put on a fabulous show. Our family and friends love to dance so it was important for us to find a band that had a lot of energy, played a variety of music, and had a great sound and vibe. We had them play our first dance, father/ bride, and mother/ groom dances. They did a great job playing our requests for theses dances! As soon as the father/bride dance was over, the band cut into a fun dance song and instantly our guests jumped out of their seats and onto the dance floor. From that moment on- we danced the night away. Even after they played their last song, the band played one more song for us after the relentless "encore" chanting of our guests :) The entire experience was exactly what my husband and I wanted from a band- our guests danced, sang and laughed the entire night and are still talking about how much fun they had at our wedding. One of my bridesmaids has actually contacted East Cost Soul to inquire about having them play at her wedding next August after seeing how much fun they were. I would absolutely recommend having East Cost Soul play at your daughter's wedding. If you are looking for a band that will engage your crowd, play a variety of music that gets guests of all ages on the dance floor and keeps them there- this is definitely your band :)"

Katelin S. June 7, 2014 - Becket MA

"We knew we picked a great band after hearing them perform in Harvard Square, however we didn’t know what a night we were in for. East Coast Soul was amazing at our wedding; they set a funky party atmosphere, got everyone dancing of all age groups, and led to a night we will never forget. Weeks following the wedding, I still have guests asking me about the band that performed our wedding."

Dedham, MA August 2, 2011 - Dedham, MA

"HIRE THIS BAND! I planned my wedding date around their availability, and boy was it worth it. From the beginning, the band's managers were very open to my thoughts and needs, and were very willing to negotiate. I got an 8-piece band featuring Giang, Dan, and Sophia, and they traveled up to Vermont for a very reasonable price. And what a show! I danced probably every single song with an enormous grin on my face. My guests were dancing right in front of the band like groupies at their favorite band's concert. I received compliments all night on how amazing they were. Not only are these top-notch musicians (we had many professional musicians at the wedding who will emphatically say the same), but they also are top-notch performers -- their enthusiasm really got the party started and the band danced and danced all night. Many of my guests (including me) were trying to think of future events they can plan where they can feature East Coast Soul. Truly -- they made my wedding amazing. My husband and I can't stop grinning when we think of great songs they played or how they introduced "This is How We Do It." So hire this band. You'll love them. In the words of Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson, "don't believe me just watch.""

Anna S. August 22, 2015 - Bristol, VT

"This is a belated thank-you to say how grateful we are to the East Coast Soul Band for being so great at our daughter Nina and son-in-law Jerome's very wet but wonderful wedding reception on May 25th in Maine. We particularly appreciated that the band seemed unfazed by the weather and that in spite of the conditions and in spite of having to carry your equipment through the mud-- your whole group went with the flow and then sang and played with fantastic musicianship and enthusiasm! From the first song most of our guests were on the dance floor and most of us never sat down! Everyone was asking who you were and everyone said that the band was AMAZING! We also appreciated the lower key jazz session through the appetizer serving time which was equally as wonderful. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you! All in all, your music made this special day so much more awsome. I woke up that morning listening to the rain pouring down and I was filled with dread but after a breath taking wedding ceremony and after I walked through that tent and heard the East coast Soul Band playing, I just screamed out with joy because the celebration of Jerome and Nina's love was really what the day was all about! Your band was one of the best parts of a truly magical time. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you! Nina's mom"

Lael S. May 25, 2013 - Phippsburg, ME

"The band was INCREDIBLE! They really listened to what we wanted and totally read the crowd's vibe in the moment. Many of our guests said they were the best wedding band they had ever heard! Both Sean and Art were a pleasure to work with. Book them now!!!"

Cate P. October 21, 2017 - Mashpee, MA

"I booked East Coast Soul for my wedding without ever seeing them live. My sister was at a wedding and she Facetimed me from it while screaming "THIS WILL BE YOUR WEDDING BAND." I wasn't even engaged at the time, but she was adamant about it. Once I did get engaged, I decided on a short 9 month engagement. I knew bands would book up fast, so I booked them on a whim. There were other people looking at my date so I had to act fast, but I experienced slight fear afterwards that maybe I should have looked around. My wedding was this past weekend and I can be rest assured that there is NO better band than East Coast Soul. I am the first to admit when I am flawed, and I will say I was a pretty annoying bride when it came to the music. I was very nit picky and gave them a ridiculous amount of requests. They treated me like a Queen. Throughout the wedding planning process they were awesome to work with. Sean and Art responded to every e-mail and call extremely promptly and listened to everything I had to say. When it was time for the main event, the band absolutely CRUSHED it. They were so fun, energetic, kind, and insanely talented. I literally had to drag people off of the dance floor. My guests will not stop talking about how awesome the band was. They played all the right songs and really took my requests into consideration to create the perfect setlist for the type of wedding I wanted. The MC was so organized and kept everything flowing smoothly. Timing is huge at a wedding and it was an absolute flawless execution. I could go on for hours. Moral of the story is, East Coast Soul rocks. If you haven't booked them already, what are you waiting for??"

Alexa - Farmington, CT

"ECS is AMAZING! We had Lilla and Dan as vocalists and an 8-piece band in total. Hands down one of the highlights of our wedding. We first saw ECS at an event for work a few weeks after our engagement and we were thoroughly impressed. We thought there was no chance we could have them at our wedding, but fortunately they were available on our date and the price was reasonable. Sean and Art were a pleasure to work with and helped to understand our vision for the day. They learned a couple of songs that weren’t on their normal song list and sounded just like the recording with their own unique flair. At one point in the night, they even let me get on stage and sing with them. As most reviews say, our guests could not stop talking about the band a month later are still talking about them today. If you are looking for a professional, extremely talented, flexible, and energetic band, ECS is the band for you."

Winston October 21, 2017 - Plymouth, MA

"In planning our daughter's wedding we really wanted the music to stand out, and with East Coast Soul we got exactly what we wanted. I'm not exaggerating when I say that the dance floor was full the entire night, and those not dancing were standing to watch the band because they were such amazing entertainers! Our guests could not stop talking about this band! And band managers get bonus points for being so delightful to work with right from our first contact months before the wedding. ECS was one of the best decisions we made when planning the wedding. Highest possible recommendations"

Franca December 16, 2017 - Boston, MA

"We were referred to East Coast Soul by a friend shortly after our engagement. I can honestly say booking the band absolutely made our wedding. From the outset, Sean was responsive and exceptionally helpful in terms of booking and securing a date, confirming band members, etc. We caught up with Art shortly before the wedding and went through logistics, song choices, day of schedule, timeline, etc. We truly felt like all of our concerns were heard and questions addressed. Then came the wedding – we had East Coast Soul perform at our ceremony, cocktail hour and reception. The ceremony and cocktail hour were just perfect – and the reception was absolutely out of this world. East Coast Soul had our entire (and I mean entire) wedding out on the dance floor. They brought great energy, a broad array of expertly-performed songs, incredible dance moves and an all around amazing performance. During the wedding, I took a step away from the action so I could take it all in – and I saw my friends, dancing with my parents friends, who were dancing with my husband’s family, etc. It was incredible to see all of our wedding guests enjoying the dance floor together. In the weeks after our wedding, I had a range of wedding guests reach out to us, complementing us on our choice of band and asking where we’d found them, etc. I would recommend East Coast Soul all day, every day. They truly made our wedding a magical day / night that we’ll cherish forever."

Johanna G. July 25, 2015 - Hopkinton, NH

"Working with this band was incredible. From our initial engagement all the way to the event itself, the band and it's members were extremely accommodating. Our wedding was fairly unconventional, and the band rolled right along with all of our odd requests. Not only did they learn a Vulfpeck tune for us, but the rest of their set was incredible and much of it was not the standard wedding band tunes you'd expect. They had us dancing all night, and their sound was full and fun! "

Jon October 8, 2016 - Jackson, NH

"By hiring East Coast Soul for your wedding you are 100% guaranteeing that you and your guests are going to be at one of the best parties ever! We recently had a barn wedding in Maine and these guys exceeded my expectations (and I have high expectations). Their talented guitarist played all of our requested acoustic ceremony music which really set a peaceful tone. They then handled our cocktail hour music and then really came to shine for the reception and dancing. The band met all of our customized needs with attention to detail. We had the full band playing and I have to say the horns really took things to the next level. My number one goal for the wedding was to make sure the dance floor was full with energy and this certainly happened. They have an amazing set list and people could not get enough! Well done east Coast Soul - thank you!"

Steven P. July 20, 2013 - Wells, ME

" My husband and I had seen East Coast Soul play at a small gig prior to booking them and we knew after hearing their first song that they had to be our wedding band! Leading up to the big day we appreciated their managers organization and time that he took to answer all of our questions to make sure that the night would go smoothly! East Coast Soul was amazing! The dance floor was packed the entire night and when we took a moment to glance around the room, even our guests that were sitting at their tables were dancing in their chairs with their arms in the air! They are an extremely talented group! Weeks later we still have guests telling us how remarkable the band was! We even received a hand written note in the mail from a guest ranting and raving about the band! They sing a perfect mix of old classics as well as songs from today to keep every age group engaged and on their feet dancing. East Coast Soul completely went above and beyond our expectations and helped to make our wedding perfect! We are forever grateful!"

Megan C. August 15, 2015 - Salem, MA

"When you are a destination bride, choosing vendors is stressful and nerve wracking! In selecting East Coast Soul, I basically went off of online reviews, YouTube videos and conversations with the band director (?). I am so glad we chose them and COULD NOT have been happier! Not only was the band director incredibly easy to communicate with, flexible and reliable, the band was outstanding! Everything went according to the questionnaire we filled out a few weeks before and they were lively and high energy. We had a small wedding (75 guests) and I was worried about the dance floor being "dead" the whole time. This was not the case. East Coast Soul did an incredible job keeping everyone dancing!"

Lizzie G. September 16, 2017 - York, ME

"Absolutely unbelievable! I first saw ECS in 2011 when they were performing in Boston. I knew then that I wanted them for my wedding someday! Over the next few years I actually used them for a couple of corporate events as I am an event planner by trade. Finally when I got engaged in 2015, they were literally my 3rd call after my family to say "It's time to finally perform for me!". I worked with Sean & Art leading up to the wedding on exactly what I wanted and they did more than deliver. They got every detail exactly as I wanted-include a music mix for my Father/Daugther dance. As a former wedding coordinator, I was very particular that I wanted our music to be the "key feature" of the event- after all, that's what people remember the most! Wedding day came and ECS killed it- they performed our first dance which was a country song- a bit out of their element but you'd never know it! (Dan & Shay, From the Ground Up). The kept the crowd on the floor the ENTIRE night- including my 85 year old aunt!! At the end of the night, my guests were literally yelling "encore, encore". When else do you see that at a WEDDING?! I honestly can't say enough good things about ECS. I can't think of anyone else that even compares to the level of entertainment they provide. I can 200% guarantee that if you book them you will love them just as much as I did- well a close second anyways ;) Thank you Sean, Art & Crew for making our night SO special! We love you guys! "

Jackie V. September 17, 2017 - Mashpee, MA

"East Coast Soul is the BEST. We checked out one of their live shows and knew they were the band for us. Sean is so easy to work with and they were really responsive to the music we liked. How can you go wrong with a 10 piece band including a horn section and three vocalists that provide amazing dance moves for free? They worked so hard to make sure our guests had a great time. It was definitely money well spent."

Kate A. August 20, 2011 - Manchester-By-The-Sea, MA

"East Coast Soul played funky, danceable, accessible songs that had people of all generations dancing at our wedding. Second to seeing my wife walk down the aisle, the best memory of my wedding day was looking out over the dance floor half way through their first set, and seeing it packed. All night people were saying, "this band is great" not as conversation filler, but because they couldn't help expressing how much they were enjoying themselves. The horns, the three singers, and the dance moves really impressed. From the beginning I had the feeling East Coast Soul would do a good job, and they exceeded my expectations."

David P. October 30, 2010 - Chocorua, NH

"ECS was amazing!!! They were everything we hoped for in a wedding band. Our dance floor was jam packed all night long with all generations of guests! To start with, they are great to work with. Very quick to respond, very professional, and very reasonably priced! We got married on Block Island it was their first time playing out there. We took the chance because we were really into their style. So happy we did it. They were great! They did a great job with the announcements, which is always challenging when you are announcing 26 people. They got all of the names right! The music was awesome! Additionally, we had some friends who are in a band and they wanted to play a song that night. This was a surprise and was not pre-arranged at all. The band was so accommodating and let all the guys get on stage and play their song. The horn players from ECS joined them in an LCD Soundsystem cover. Pretty awesome to have the band able to switch gears like that at the drop of a hat. It was amazing! The guys are my husband’s best friends so having them up there was so special for us. ECS could have easily said no, as this was a disruption to their show and set-up but they were AWESOME!!! I recommend ECS 100%!!! "

Danielle C. September 13, 2014 - Block Island, RI

"We got married on August 17, 2013 in Kennebunk, Maine and East Coast Soul performed at our wedding and they were GREAT. I would highly recommend the band. They were professional and organized and obviously great musicians who play together well. They were flexible in terms of music, tailoring the music selection entirely to the occasion and our requests. They performed classical on keyboard during the ceremony, jazz for the cocktail hour, followed after dinner by a full 3.5 hours of soulful dance music. We received compliments from all of our guests on our choice of band. They were fantastic!!"

Hester M. August 17, 2013 - Kennebunkport, ME

"East Coast Soul is AMAZING!!!! They were one of the biggest parts in making our wedding day such a fun, wonderful celebration. So easy to work with throughout the whole process and communication was great. We are already brainstorming when we can host another function to be able to hire them again!!"

Lauryn June 10, 2017 - Durham, CT

"Thank you all for a Magical Night that you made for Kaitlyn. The bride as you may have noticed danced to every song! You are all such true professionals and your accolades were mentioned by each table I visited. Just tremendous. If Kaitlyn or I can ever do anything for any of you we would be glad to. Again I will rave about you forever. Most Respectfully, Terry , aka T-Cool!!"

Terry G. June 27, 2015 - Peak's Island, ME

"One of the top priority items we were budgeting for our wedding was a band. I did a lot of research and went to shows for a few bands that we were interested in. ECS grabbed my attention right away from the first youtube video I saw of them and then when myself with some family members went to see them play live, we couldn't help but jump up and dance! SOLD. They did not disappoint! Sean and Art were great to work with! I couldn't wait for them to start playing at the reception and be right up there dancing! They are so great to work with, very flexible, super reasonable $, hard working, talented, friendly, versatile....I could go on. THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!!! Love, Kate and the Shaw family"

Kate S. October 10, 2015 - Newport, RI