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Frequently Asked Questions

This is probably the most common question/concern we receive. Let’s jump right in!

  • The Good News: East Coast Soul does in fact work with a permanent line up of elite musicians, all of whom are, essentially, indefinitely committed to East Coast Soul. In asking: “Will our musicians be the same as the ones in your videos”, we are proud to share the fact that we have a full time, permanent membership. We are not a “roster band” that you may have heard of, where young student musicians and singers are “signed” for a year or so, only to relocate soon after. This is a *band* that prides itself on consistency and committedness. We take our relationships with our musicians *and* our attendance at our performances *extremely* seriously, and our musicians consider their presence at all commitments to be of the utmost importance.
  • Quick Reality Check: Although we do work with a permanent membership, it’s important to mention that no band (including East Coast Soul) is completely immune to serious issues such as personal illness/injury, bereavement, or just general “force majeure” type events. We work really hard to stay healthy during a long, demanding performance season, and do our best to work important personal events (like our own weddings, for example) around busy times of year to avoid any issues. In situations where an unforeseen medical or family problem may arise, we have the luxury of a deep network of elite musicians from within our collective that we can draw on to avoid any gaps in the lineup or performance. Personal emergencies are no fun to talk about or think about, but at this point, we feel confident that there is essentially *no* situation, however big or last minute the issue, that would severely impact an East Coast Soul performance. If we have advanced notice of these situations, we are happy to let you know, but barring that preference, you can count on a truly elite East Coast Soul ensemble, regardless of the circumstances.

The bottom line here is, barring something earth-shattering happening to one of our band-members, you can fully expect the band you see today to be at your wedding. We feel confident saying: if you’re concerned about consistency within your wedding band, then East Coast Soul is perhaps the best option around. Although every band in the world is subject to emergency situations, our close network of exceptional talent allows us to be consistent in our lineups, but flexible in the case of unforeseen circumstances. Feel free to ask us additional questions about this, as we find it to be one of the most important issues around the decision of booking any band.

If you’re planning your wedding, 12, 18, or 24 months out, don’t let anyone tell you you’re crazy! Haha — honestly, we find the timeline of wedding planning to be a little nuts ourselves, but it is in fact the way of the world, so we’re with you no matter how far away the date is!

We’re very lucky to have an incredible influx of interest in the band. The reality is that we’re often fielding multiple inquiries for virtually every weekend of “high season”, which for us stretches from April to December. This includes Fridays and Sundays as well. Holy moly.

All that said, our general recommendation is, and this applies to any wedding vendor (not just bands, and not just us!) is: don’t wait. If you like us, but need to talk to some other invested folks (like parents), mull it over, etc, and are waiting until “after the weekend” or “when you’re a little less busy,” don’t! Do it as soon as you can. We know we sound a little paranoid putting it that way, but we’re getting peppered with inquiries at all times, and although we do our best to keep people up to speed on interest that follows their own, it’s virtually impossible to stay totally on top of that. If you’re digging East Coast Soul, let us know as early as possible that you’re seriously considering the band. We’ll give you as much time as possible to go through the motions of course, but bottom line, we have to entertain the most serious inquiries in the order they come in, with a firm verbal commit being a critical part of the confirmation process here.

Just to clarify, this is juxtaposed with our own policy/feeling that we never pressure anyone to book the band before they’re ready, just because we want to work with them/you. What we’re mentioning here is, simply, we may not be available for any given date for very long, so if you’re interested, don’t hesitate. If it’s not the right fit, that is totally and completely okay. However, we’ve seen *countless* people miss out on the ensemble they were seriously interested in, or miss out on all of our bands entirely, simply because they hung back by even a few days, or even a few *hours*. So, while we won’t pressure you to book, outside interest does limit how long you can and should take to think things over. Bottom line, folks should be aware that our availability is changing by the hour, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Hopefully that distinction is clear!

If you are in fact interested, the steps to book the band include the signing of a contract and sending of a deposit. This can be done via snail mail or digitally, and we’ll of course walk you through those steps. Let us know know if you have any questions here!

Effortlessly combining classic and contemporary...

...the Soulsville Ensemble is one of the founding ensembles of East Coast Soul.

East Coast Soul: Soulsville Ensemble (Live)

East Coast Soul: the Soulsville Ensemble (Live In-Studio)


Check out the multiple, flexible ways to get East Coast Soul involved at your wedding

Ten Piece:











Nine Piece:



Vocalist or Horn







Eight Piece:



Vocalist or Horn






Seven Piece:








Frequently Asked Questions

Great question. There’s a few factors that we feel can contribute to the decision of which size ensemble to go with:

  • Your Vision: We think this is the biggest factor. Essentially, when you envision the band at your wedding, what kind of ensemble are you seeing? Is it bigger, with a bunch of horns and vocalists bouncing around, or is it a little smaller to perhaps align with a tighter venue space, smaller guest list, etc? That should be your first litmus test, and generally can provide some initial benchmarks to compare against.
  • Your Budget: We sometimes say that’s it’s not about the money, but it’s not *not* about the money, haha — budget is an unavoidable decision-making factor, and the size of the ensemble is one of the biggest aspects in terms of price. Comparing your budget against our pricing, keeping in mind the potential for travel and ceremony charges and travel, is not a bad idea. Though we can also say, your guests will remember us a lot more than they’ll remember your flowers, lolz
  • Your Guest List (?): We actually find that guest list size isn’t, or doesn’t have to be, a huge factor in terms of ensemble size. We’ve carried out performances for some of our smallest guest counts with some of our largest ensemble configurations (a ten piece ensemble for a 40 person wedding — yep, that happened! Haha). Likewise, some of our largest audiences were juxtaposed with our smaller/smallest configurations (college festival with a smaller budget – 2,500 kids in attendance, and a seven-piece ensemble!). So we generally don’t recommend this be your primary decision-making factor. That said, at the extremes we just mentioned, it can feel a little “top-heavy”, haha — feel free to ask us about this if you have any questions!

Some other information for you to consider:

  • Our eight-piece ensemble tends to be our most utilized ensemble configuration. We find this tends to be a nice sweet spot in terms of space, ensemble size, and budget. The option for three vocalists also allows sharing of lead singer duties, which translates to the need for shorter break(s) — always a good thing. If you’re not sure where to start in terms of band size, start here, and see how things line up for you.
  • We can also book the smaller/smallest ensemble you’re considering right now, and add musicians later. It’s true. If you’re considering the nine or ten piece, for example, we can lock in nine pieces now, let your budget and other decisions take shape, then revisit the idea of adding a musician closer to your date. If you’ve got the bandwidth, great! If not, you know you’ve got a killer ensemble lined up already.
  • All our ensembles sizes kick ass. Don’t worry if your budget or preferences is leading you towards a smaller ensemble size. Nothing is lost in terms of dance-ability, fullness of sound, etc. Each configuration is tried and true, and all have been a part of absolutely epic dance parties. You’re in great hands regardless of the number of musicians, so don’t hesitate to be conservative here. We can always revisit the idea of more players later, and either way, you’ve got an incredible ensemble lined up! The other thing to consider, is that your guests won’t be aware that there was an option between 8, 9, or 10 pieces. All they’ll see upon arrival is a kickass band or probably at *least* seven or eight pieces, which will probably be bigger than most of the bands you’d see out and about anyways!

Great question. We have our most common configuration suggestions listed below:

  • Seven Piece:
    • Two Vocalists
    • One Horn
    • *Four Piece Rhythm Section
  • Eight Piece:
    • Two to Three Vocalists
    • One to Two Horns
    • *Four Piece Rhythm Section
  • Nine Piece:
    • Two to Three Vocalists
    • Two to Three Horns
    • *Four Piece Rhythm Section
  • Ten Piece:
    • Three Vocalists
    • Three Horns
    • *Four Piece Rhythm Section

The ranges here are designed to show that each ensemble can alter its configuration slightly depending on your personal preference. However, it’s important to note that we do firm this up in our potential contract, so there won’t be any grey area once we hit the potential stage of locking things in.

The reason for this: some folks are particularly excited about horns/brass arrangements, while others are particularly excited for vocal harmony, and the energy that multiple singers can bring. All options represent powerhouse configurations that will deliver an epic performance!

*Follow up question: “What is a rhythm section?” In East Coast Soul, we refer to the rhythm section as bass, drums, keys and guitar. In general, we strongly recommend all four of these pieces be in place for any given performance. Bass and drums together represent the foundation of the sound, with keys and guitar working together to fill up the sonic space, play signature parts, support horn lines, etc. Removing one of these is an option in the most extreme situations of limited space, budgets, etc. but is something we recommend against if at all possible.

This is a very common question/concern. However, we’ve found that East Coast Soul is more comfortable squishing larger numbers of musicians into a smaller area that you might think possible. Generally we find the following (rectangular) stage areas are a good place to start the stage plot process, but we are flexible on this:

  • 18 ft2 to 24 ft2 per band member
  • 140 ft2 to 240 ft2 for the whole band

That leaves you with anywhere from 10 ft. by 14 ft.  to 12 ft by 20 ft. area, depending on the ensemble. This is more of a rough guideline, but nonetheless, here’s a rundown of each ensemble’s recommended sizes:

  • 10 Pieces:
    • Minimum: 10 ft. 𝗫 18 ft.
    • Preferred: 12 ft. 𝗫 20 ft.
  • 9 Pieces:
    • Minimum: 10 ft. 𝗫 16 ft.
    • Preferred: 12 ft. 𝗫 18 ft.
  • 7/8 Pieces:
    • Minimum: 10 ft. 𝗫 14 ft.
    • Preferred: 12 ft. 𝗫 16 ft.

Note: the seven and eight piece stage areas are roughly the same, since the presence or lack of an additional horn player or singer won’t change the footprint significantly


Our clients say it better than we ever could. Check out our most recent testimonials below.

"ECS is unreal. They are SO MUCH MORE than a band. Not only are they all incredibly talented, they are genuinely kind happy people. Our dance floor was lit because of ECS. Torrence has the voice of an angel and Yuki got in the crowd- people went wild. Do not choose anyone else!! "

Caroline (Bride)

Kennebunkport, ME
October 5, 2019
"My (now) husband and I knew we wanted to make sure the music at our wedding blew people away. Being musicians ourselves, having an outstanding band was probably our top priority in planning our wedding. East Coast Soul did not disappoint, to say the least. I can't begin to name all the people who have expressed how impressed they were with the music during our reception. People who weren't even at the wedding commented on how awesome they heard it was! It's been over a month since we got married and my husband and I are still receiving compliments on the band. Each musician made the whole performance feel very personalized and special - something we will never forget. If music is important to you, East Coast Soul will deliver THE best experience!"

Kate (Bride)

Gloucester, MA
October 3, 2019
"East Coast Soul was, without a doubt, the most incredible wedding band we ever could have asked for. We booked them sight unseen after seeing a different ensemble from the band play at another wedding several years ago, and never thought twice about booking a new ensemble without seeing them prior. We had 7 pieces and it was absolutely perfect. They have a very involved form that clients fill out to create the best night possible with the clients' visions prioritized from the beginning. This form and the details are not set in stone, though, so you are free to edit and amend throughout the planning process as your vision changes: this is ideal because not all major music decisions are easy to make from the beginning. The details are not so much that they are overwhelming, though. It is just enough to feel like you as the client have control over the event and the flow, while also giving ECS the freedom to do what they do best. We chose to have the band run the show - we did not have many stipulations or requests, and we are so happy that we had ECS use their best judgment of the night and the crowd to optimize the performance. They handled absolutely everything A/V from the beginning: from a gorgeous guitar playing for the ceremony, to the wedding party introductions, through the first dances (they even changed a lyric in a song for us as well as learned a new song), toasts, and the dance floor. They had suggestions for all of the processionals/entrance songs and we were so happy to have gone with their selections that made more sense than what we had initially requested. Their set list is long, diverse, and fantastic. Everyone was out on the dance floor all night. Their breaks were appropriately timed, they maintained high energy all night, and they got the party going again after people took breaks from the dance floor. They were excited, engaged, and seemed truly happy to be there with us on our special night. Their vocalists even got out on the dance floor with us to engage with the crowd. They did not have any special requests or needs, and were so easy to accommodate and work with from the beginning. ECS was the first thing we booked for our wedding after the venue, and we're so glad we did. This band is well worth it: you'll be happy you booked them and you'll never look back."

Elizabeth (Bride)

Middletown, RI
September 28, 2019
"So good!!! These guys are so f*king good. Honestly, they absolutely killed it - our guests are still talking about how great the band was. They are responsible and responsive in the planning phase, they are very talented musicians, and they know how to party."

Andrea (Bride)

Center Lovell, ME
August 25, 2019
"Hands down-the BEST decision I made for my outdoor Vermont wedding. I planned my wedding on my own and knew that music was just as important to me as tasty food, but was not sure if a band would understand how to work with my unique and unconventional requests. I started to work with Art and immediately felt comfortable and knew I was dealing with professionals. We went with The Soulsville ensemble and they absolutely blew everyone away. We had an older crowd for guests and we were worried no one would dance, but the dance floor was packed the entire evening. More importantly to me was that I gave them a few songs I needed them to play (which they did, on time and exactly as I had envisioned) but they understood how to navigate the evening and did not need their hands to be held. When planning a wedding on your own, there are a ton of things to think about and plan but ECS was not a bother. They knew what to do and did it better than I ever could have imagined. I want to get married again just to listen to them! ECS will be your smartest and easiest decision for your wedding!"

Lindsey (Bride)

Woodstock, VT
August 24, 2019
"East Coast Soul is awesome! I have been to many weddings with great bands, an East Coast Soul is unequivocally the best I have ever seen. I lost count of the number of people that came up to me during our wedding and in the days that followed to say: "they were the best wedding band I have ever heard." Our friends and family love to dance and have a good time, and East Coast Soul provided four hours of non-stop entertainment. Working with the band was quite easy: they are exceptionally well organized and make sure they are on the same page as you weeks before the big day. After filling out their survey, the band clearly totally understood the vibe we are looking for at the wedding, and even made suggestions of additional songs/artists to include that fit exactly with the kind of music we wanted. I cannot describe how comforting it was to be sure the band understood what we were shooting for. By the time the wedding rolled around, we had very high expectations given how great the band had been to work with, and then they blew our expectations out of the water! The dance floor was absolutely full from the opening song (Hold On, I'm Comin' by Sam and Dave) until the last song (Shout) four hours later. Amazing band, extremely versatile. Would recommend to anyone."

Charles (Groom)

Bolton, MA
August 3, 2019
"Everything about this band is top-notch. From our initial interactions with Sean who walked us through a rundown of ECS' vibe and approach and answered all our questions, to the handoff to Art, who was present, prompt, and enthusiastic through all the details, to the actual day-of execution with Torrence, Traci, and the entire Soulsville was ALL flawless and magical. All of our guests RAVED (and the raving has continued!) with a special shoutout to Torrence. The energy was so high that the floor was literally shaking. We've never experienced a hora so lively (and so long!), and the surprise Don't Stop Believing (everyone thought we planned that) was the perfect way to end this magical night. Our videographer told my husband that he's going to be hard-pressed to find a background song to capture all the energy...and that was just after hour 1 of dancing."

Dana (Bride)

Wellfleet, MA
October 7, 2018
"We booked East Coast Soul - Torrence and Traci (also known as the Soulsville Ensemble) and had an 8 piece band for our 8/27/2016 wedding (Venue: Old Sturbridge Village). Our package included a 2 piece jazz ensemble for our cocktail hour. We opted for recorded music during our ceremony and had ECS provide the mics/sound. Booking this band was by far a game changer for our wedding and one of the best decisions we made!!! People were on their feet from the minute our reception started until the end of the night! We received SO MANY compliments on the band. One person commented that before he rounded the corner the song playing sounded so much like the original recording that he didn't realize they were performing it. I will admit that I originally had thought we should consider a DJ for our wedding to save money, however, when we went to a friend's wedding one month after we got engaged, it was clear that their live band made the night unforgettable. The next day we scoured reviews of Boston area bands and booked this group based on reviews and sound clips from their website alone. It's a big investment, but 100% worth it!!! ECS was very organized and thorough in walking through the night with us. We worked with Art in organizing our details for the day of and Torrence did an awesome job as our emcee with the night running smoothly. My husband felt strongly that we should let them "perform what they do best" rather than be specific about songs and they nailed it! We had so much fun dancing the night away and the energy in the room was clear. We continue to receive compliments on the band to this day! Don't hesitate, book ECS!! "

Katherine (Bride)

Sturbridge, MA
August 27, 2018
"Simply put ECS are the best wedding band on the face of the Earth! Not only are their musicians incredibly talented, but they absolutely nailed the feel we we're going for the entirety of the night. Young and old alike did not stop dancing the entire evening, and the feedback we got form our guests overwhelmingly echoed the statements above. Additionally, their staff were incredibly professional, attentive and personable, and made the entire process seamless and easy. My wife and I cannot speak highly enough of ECS and would recommend them to anyone and everyone in a heartbeat! "

Russ (Groom)

Westport, MA
June 30, 2018
"We had East Coast Soul (specifically the Soulsville Ensemble) at our wedding last week at the Trailside Inn in Killington, Vermont. I cannot express how absolutely AMAZING they were!! I had watched several of their YouTube videos prior to booking them, but their videos did not do justice to how incredible they are as musicians and how engaging they are with the guests. We had a wedding of 75 people and had almost everyone dancing the whole time. We had SO many compliments on how amazing the band was, and multiple guests said that it was the best reception music and most people dancing at a wedding they had ever seen. This band made our reception what it was, and was one of the best choices we made when it came to planning our event. In terms of administration, Art (our communication go-to person for planning purposes) was very responsive, flexible and accommodating. We had a keyboardist during the ceremony who was willing to play music for a song that my husbands sister sang during the ceremony, and had a sax/keyboard duo during our cocktail hour. They worked with us during the planning to get a sense of what type of music we wanted, and ended up playing a jazz set during dinner and more funk/soul/pop during the receptions. It wasn't even about the specific songs they played, it was more about how they played them and their renditions that got everyone so fired up. Overall we are beyond thrilled with everything East Coast Soul contributed to our wedding experience and would strongly urge anyone considering them for their event to just go ahead and book! "

Emma (Bride)

July 29, 2017
"These guys are truly amazing! They kept the dance floor packed all night and several of our guests approached us to say how exceptional they were. I wanted to sing to my now wife and they helped me coordinate a surprise and backing vocals/music which was really awesome. Very organized and easy to work with! "

James (Groom)

Boston, MA
November 5, 2016
"East Coast Soul made our wedding the absolute best night of our life. The dance floor was packed the entire night. When our photographer was leaving, she said she needed to get the band's information so she could recommend them to other brides. She does weddings every weekend and said "this is the best band I have ever heard." Not only did the music sound amazing, but the band genuinely looked like they were having a great time. They were smiling and engaging with our family and friends. This set the exact tone that we were hoping to accomplish, and everyone had an amazing time. Art was incredibly helpful in planning the evening, staying in touch with us often and getting all of the information necessary to create the exact atmosphere that we desired. For my husband and I, the most special moment was when the band sang our first dance song live - a Michael Jackson song that they arranged perfectly. THANK YOU, East Coast Soul, for giving us such a special evening. We cannot wait to recommend you to everyone we know, and we hope to see you at another wedding soon because it is sure to be the best time!"

Emily (Bride)

Mashpee, MA
July 16, 2016
"So much has already been said about East Coast Soul and this review simply confirms what others have said. Torrence and Traci (as an eight-piece band) really made our reception into the all-ages dance party we had hoped for. Art and the rest of the management team were super responsive, easy to work with, and made the planning process smooth and easy. From the acoustic guitar at the ceremony to the jazz trio at our cocktail hour to our first dance to the hora to the encore, ECS delivered more than we could have hoped for. All of our guests were dancing and so many people said that ECS was the best wedding band that they had heard. The acoustic guitarist learned several songs for our ceremony and the whole band learned a song for our first dance - each of these songs was executed as perfectly as every other ECS performance. ECS made our reception great and we're so glad that they traveled to Vermont for our party. We definitely recommend ECS without any hesitation."

Jane (Bride)

Stowe, MA
July 3, 2016
"East Coast Soul was the best choice we could have made to make our wedding the success it was! The entire night was a huge dance party, everyone out of their seats just having the best time ever - all thanks to ECS! We had a couple of impromptu speeches and a few twists and turns in the structure of the night, and the band handled them seamlessly - as if it was all planned that way. We had some specific requests around not playing certain verses in select songs, changing up some words here and there and they nailed every request! Additionally, Art was incredibly responsive, which made the planning process super easy and stress-free. We'd highly, highly recommend East Coast Soul if you want an awesome wedding band to make your night amazing! "

Lauren (Bride)

Kennebunkport, ME
August 22, 2015
"ECS was amazing!!! They were everything we hoped for in a wedding band. Our dance floor was jam packed all night long with all generations of guests! To start with, they are great to work with. Very quick to respond, very professional, and very reasonably priced! We got married on Block Island it was their first time playing out there. We took the chance because we were really into their style. So happy we did it. They were great! They did a great job with the announcements, which is always challenging when you are announcing 26 people. They got all of the names right! The music was awesome! Additionally, we had some friends who are in a band and they wanted to play a song that night. This was a surprise and was not pre-arranged at all. The band was so accommodating and let all the guys get on stage and play their song. The horn players from ECS joined them in an LCD Soundsystem cover. Pretty awesome to have the band able to switch gears like that at the drop of a hat. It was amazing! The guys are my husband’s best friends so having them up there was so special for us. ECS could have easily said no, as this was a disruption to their show and set-up but they were AWESOME!!! I recommend ECS 100%!!!"

Danielle (Bride)

Block Island, RI
September 13, 2014


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East Coast Soul: The Soulsville Ensemble – “What’d I Say” (Live)