The Stax Ensemble is East Coast Soul's most tenured and awarded group. Learn more how our flagship ensemble is re-writing the rulebook of event entertainment.

A performance experience like nothing else

East Coast Soul's Stax ensemble has set itself apart as a new, gold standard for event entertainment.

This ensemble is taking musicianship and showmanship to new heights.

East Coast Soul: Stax Ensemble – Live @ Bates College


Meet the musicians that make up the East Coast Soul family.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is probably the most common question/concern we receive. Let’s jump right in!

  • The Good News: East Coast Soul does in fact work with a permanent line up of elite musicians, all of whom are, essentially, indefinitely committed to East Coast Soul. In asking: “Will our musicians be the same as the ones in your videos”, we are proud to share the fact that we have a full time, permanent membership. We are not a “roster band” that you may have heard of, where young student musicians and singers are “signed” for a year or so, only to relocate soon after. This is a *band* that prides itself on consistency and committedness. We take our relationships with our musicians *and* our attendance at our performances *extremely* seriously, and our musicians consider their presence at all commitments to be of the utmost importance.
  • Quick Reality Check: Although we do work with a permanent membership, it’s important to mention that no band (including East Coast Soul) is completely immune to serious issues such as personal illness/injury, bereavement, or just general “force majeure” type events. We work really hard to stay healthy during a long, demanding performance season, and do our best to work important personal events (like our own weddings, for example) around busy times of year to avoid any issues. In situations where an unforeseen medical or family problem may arise, we have the luxury of a deep network of elite musicians from within our collective that we can draw on to avoid any gaps in the lineup or performance. Personal emergencies are no fun to talk about or think about, but at this point, we feel confident that there is essentially *no* situation, however big or last minute the issue, that would severely impact an East Coast Soul performance. If we have advanced notice of these situations, we are happy to let you know, but barring that preference, you can count on a truly elite East Coast Soul ensemble, regardless of the circumstances.

The bottom line here is, barring something earth-shattering happening to one of our band-members, you can fully expect the band you see today to be at your wedding. We feel confident saying: if you’re concerned about consistency within your wedding band, then East Coast Soul is perhaps the best option around. Although every band in the world is subject to emergency situations, our close network of exceptional talent allows us to be consistent in our lineups, but flexible in the case of unforeseen circumstances. Feel free to ask us additional questions about this, as we find it to be one of the most important issues around the decision of booking any band.

If you’re planning your wedding, 12, 18, or 24 months out, don’t let anyone tell you you’re crazy! Haha — honestly, we find the timeline of wedding planning to be a little nuts ourselves, but it is in fact the way of the world, so we’re with you no matter how far away the date is!

We’re very lucky to have an incredible influx of interest in the band. The reality is that we’re often fielding multiple inquiries for virtually every weekend of “high season”, which for us stretches from April to December. This includes Fridays and Sundays as well. Holy moly.

All that said, our general recommendation is, and this applies to any wedding vendor (not just bands, and not just us!) is: don’t wait. If you like us, but need to talk to some other invested folks (like parents), mull it over, etc, and are waiting until “after the weekend” or “when you’re a little less busy,” don’t! Do it as soon as you can. We know we sound a little paranoid putting it that way, but we’re getting peppered with inquiries at all times, and although we do our best to keep people up to speed on interest that follows their own, it’s virtually impossible to stay totally on top of that. If you’re digging East Coast Soul, let us know as early as possible that you’re seriously considering the band. We’ll give you as much time as possible to go through the motions of course, but bottom line, we have to entertain the most serious inquiries in the order they come in, with a firm verbal commit being a critical part of the confirmation process here.

Just to clarify, this is juxtaposed with our own policy/feeling that we never pressure anyone to book the band before they’re ready, just because we want to work with them/you. What we’re mentioning here is, simply, we may not be available for any given date for very long, so if you’re interested, don’t hesitate. If it’s not the right fit, that is totally and completely okay. However, we’ve seen *countless* people miss out on the ensemble they were seriously interested in, or miss out on all of our bands entirely, simply because they hung back by even a few days, or even a few *hours*. So, while we won’t pressure you to book, outside interest does limit how long you can and should take to think things over. Bottom line, folks should be aware that our availability is changing by the hour, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Hopefully that distinction is clear!

If you are in fact interested, the steps to book the band include the signing of a contract and sending of a deposit. This can be done via snail mail or digitally, and we’ll of course walk you through those steps. Let us know know if you have any questions here!

East Coast Soul: Stax Ensemble – Live (Short Version)

East Coast Soul feat. Daniel Omphroy – “Superstition” (Live In-Studio)


Check out the multiple, flexible ways to get East Coast Soul involved at your wedding

Ten Piece:











Nine Piece:



Vocalist or Horn







Eight Piece:



Vocalist or Horn






Seven Piece:








Frequently Asked Questions

Great question. There’s a few factors that we feel can contribute to the decision of which size ensemble to go with:

  • Your Vision: We think this is the biggest factor. Essentially, when you envision the band at your wedding, what kind of ensemble are you seeing? Is it bigger, with a bunch of horns and vocalists bouncing around, or is it a little smaller to perhaps align with a tighter venue space, smaller guest list, etc? That should be your first litmus test, and generally can provide some initial benchmarks to compare against.
  • Your Budget: We sometimes say that’s it’s not about the money, but it’s not *not* about the money, haha — budget is an unavoidable decision-making factor, and the size of the ensemble is one of the biggest aspects in terms of price. Comparing your budget against our pricing, keeping in mind the potential for travel and ceremony charges and travel, is not a bad idea. Though we can also say, your guests will remember us a lot more than they’ll remember your flowers, lolz
  • Your Guest List (?): We actually find that guest list size isn’t, or doesn’t have to be, a huge factor in terms of ensemble size. We’ve carried out performances for some of our smallest guest counts with some of our largest ensemble configurations (a ten piece ensemble for a 40 person wedding — yep, that happened! Haha). Likewise, some of our largest audiences were juxtaposed with our smaller/smallest configurations (college festival with a smaller budget – 2,500 kids in attendance, and a seven-piece ensemble!). So we generally don’t recommend this be your primary decision-making factor. That said, at the extremes we just mentioned, it can feel a little “top-heavy”, haha — feel free to ask us about this if you have any questions!

Some other information for you to consider:

  • Our eight-piece ensemble tends to be our most utilized ensemble configuration. We find this tends to be a nice sweet spot in terms of space, ensemble size, and budget. The option for three vocalists also allows sharing of lead singer duties, which translates to the need for shorter break(s) — always a good thing. If you’re not sure where to start in terms of band size, start here, and see how things line up for you.
  • We can also book the smaller/smallest ensemble you’re considering right now, and add musicians later. It’s true. If you’re considering the nine or ten piece, for example, we can lock in nine pieces now, let your budget and other decisions take shape, then revisit the idea of adding a musician closer to your date. If you’ve got the bandwidth, great! If not, you know you’ve got a killer ensemble lined up already.
  • All our ensembles sizes kick ass. Don’t worry if your budget or preferences is leading you towards a smaller ensemble size. Nothing is lost in terms of dance-ability, fullness of sound, etc. Each configuration is tried and true, and all have been a part of absolutely epic dance parties. You’re in great hands regardless of the number of musicians, so don’t hesitate to be conservative here. We can always revisit the idea of more players later, and either way, you’ve got an incredible ensemble lined up! The other thing to consider, is that your guests won’t be aware that there was an option between 8, 9, or 10 pieces. All they’ll see upon arrival is a kickass band or probably at *least* seven or eight pieces, which will probably be bigger than most of the bands you’d see out and about anyways!

Great question. We have our most common configuration suggestions listed below:

  • Seven Piece:
    • Two Vocalists
    • One Horn
    • *Four Piece Rhythm Section
  • Eight Piece:
    • Two to Three Vocalists
    • One to Two Horns
    • *Four Piece Rhythm Section
  • Nine Piece:
    • Two to Three Vocalists
    • Two to Three Horns
    • *Four Piece Rhythm Section
  • Ten Piece:
    • Three Vocalists
    • Three Horns
    • *Four Piece Rhythm Section

The ranges here are designed to show that each ensemble can alter its configuration slightly depending on your personal preference. However, it’s important to note that we do firm this up in our potential contract, so there won’t be any grey area once we hit the potential stage of locking things in.

The reason for this: some folks are particularly excited about horns/brass arrangements, while others are particularly excited for vocal harmony, and the energy that multiple singers can bring. All options represent powerhouse configurations that will deliver an epic performance!

*Follow up question: “What is a rhythm section?” In East Coast Soul, we refer to the rhythm section as bass, drums, keys and guitar. In general, we strongly recommend all four of these pieces be in place for any given performance. Bass and drums together represent the foundation of the sound, with keys and guitar working together to fill up the sonic space, play signature parts, support horn lines, etc. Removing one of these is an option in the most extreme situations of limited space, budgets, etc. but is something we recommend against if at all possible.

This is a very common question/concern. However, we’ve found that East Coast Soul is more comfortable squishing larger numbers of musicians into a smaller area that you might think possible. Generally we find the following (rectangular) stage areas are a good place to start the stage plot process, but we are flexible on this:

  • 18 ft2 to 24 ft2 per band member
  • 140 ft2 to 240 ft2 for the whole band

That leaves you with anywhere from 10 ft. by 14 ft.  to 12 ft by 20 ft. area, depending on the ensemble. This is more of a rough guideline, but nonetheless, here’s a rundown of each ensemble’s recommended sizes:

  • 10 Pieces:
    • Minimum: 10 ft. 𝗫 18 ft.
    • Preferred: 12 ft. 𝗫 20 ft.
  • 9 Pieces:
    • Minimum: 10 ft. 𝗫 16 ft.
    • Preferred: 12 ft. 𝗫 18 ft.
  • 7/8 Pieces:
    • Minimum: 10 ft. 𝗫 14 ft.
    • Preferred: 12 ft. 𝗫 16 ft.

Note: the seven and eight piece stage areas are roughly the same, since the presence or lack of an additional horn player or singer won’t change the footprint significantly


Our clients say it better than we ever could. Check out our most recent testimonials below.

"East Coast Soul was amazing! They were so organized during the planning process and always provided thorough and helpful information. On the wedding day, they were incredible! Our guests are still talking about how much fun they had and how amazing the band was. Our dance floor was jam packed all night long! They are so talented and have so much energy! I highly recommend them to anyone for a future event! "

Megan (Bride)

Buzzard's Bay, MA
January 1, 2020
"Are you looking for a wedding band that will blow your guest away? Are you looking to have a huge non-stop dance party at your wedding with your friends and family running up to you and saying , "Can I be a groupie for this band?!?!". Then look no further, stop thinking about anything else and book East Coast Soul! We were originally introduced to ECS at a friends wedding, and to put it lightly, they were so amazing that I lost my voice the next morning from all the fun the crowd was having. When my fiance popped the question and we were planning the logistics of our wedding, we both knew that we wanted ECS at our wedding. We are so thankful they had an opening, and quickly booked them to be our band. Working with the managers of ESC, specifically Sean and Art, was wonderful, stress-free, and effortless. They are prompt, professional, kind, and down to earth. They are willing to work with you for anything in order to make your day shine. And then comes the wedding night--and oh goodness did the band deliver! I've never seen a band play with as much heart, soul, and gusto as ESC. They were able to play a diverse array of music to cater to all our guests, young or old(er). Everyone was dancing the night away, and the lead singers truly put on a performance show. They know how to gauge the crowd, which songs to play, and when to bust out the insane dance moves. Yes, this band comes equipped with dance moves too! We are so thankful to have had the opportunity of ESC performing at our wedding. They are truly electrifying and provided us with such fun memories that we will cherish for a lifetime. Book them TODAY!"

Anne (Bride)

New Haven, CT
November 11, 2019
"I cannot possibly recommend East Coast Soul highly enough. From the moment we booked them, everything was completely seamless. They were patient and thorough in answering all of our questions and made the planning process absolutely painless. Then came our wedding day. To say they blew us away would be a complete understatement. The energy and talent of this group is absolutely unreal. The way they can read the room to put together a set that keeps the dance floor on fire is incredible. I couldn't even keep count of how many guests told us they were the best band they'd ever seen. Some of our older relatives also let us know they thoroughly enjoyed just sitting and watching them perform - they felt like they were attending a concert. East Coast Soul was a huge part of what made our wedding so incredible - if you have the chance to work with them, do not hesitate. They are simply the best. "

Kellie (Bride)

Boston, MA
October 10, 2019
"My husband and I saw East Coast Soul at a wedding one week after we got engaged. We did not have a venue or date yet, but we knew we HAD to have East Coast Soul at our wedding. We immediately reached out to them and they worked with us each step of the way. They were not only helpful and responsive, but they took each of our crazy requests and made our ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception music absolutely perfect. I cannot say enough good things about this group. We had every single person up out of their seats on the dance floor the entire night. They aren't just there to provide music, they are there to perform and get the party going. You will not be disappointed at all if you choose this group!! "

Mary (Bride)

Buffalo, NY
October 10, 2019
"You do not need to search any further - you should hire East Coast Soul for your wedding! They are INCREDIBLE. We used the Stax ensemble and so many guests made a point of letting us know after the wedding how impressed they were by the sound and physical energy the band brought to the stage. The band played for several hours straight without breaks and kept the dance floor energy up - and we had a blast the entire time. Everyone from our little cousins to our grandparents were on the dance floor absolutely loving the music. And Sean was an excellent emcee the whole night which made the intros, cocktail music, and speeches run perfectly. Not to mention the band was very easy to work with and accommodated all of our requests - including having family members play with them and asking them to learn new songs for our dances. Guests haven't stopped asking for more information on this band for family / friends weddings because they are truly the best band you can hire for your wedding. Don't wait to reach out or they'll be booked for your big day!"

Lindsay (Bride)

West Dennis, MA
September 9, 2019
"I can't express my love for East Coast Soul more. They made our wedding exactly what we wanted it to be, which was an EPIC party. Not only are they incredible musicians, but outrageously impressive performers as well. We're still getting comments from guests about how incredible they were. Between the song selections, their ability to go with the flow and to fire up the crowd, they are a 12/10 and easily the best band I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing. I'm totally smitten by them and recommend them whole heartedly for your wedding."

Ciara (Bride)

Stowe, VT
September 9, 2019
"They ARE the Wedding !!! We saw them at a friends wedding and immediately knew we had to have them at ours . Especially the Stax Ensemble staring Giang Luc. He is electrifying !!! People were literally blown away by this band and we have already booked them for an office Xmas party . The team was organized in booking and capturing our style of music and very helpful with playlist for background music when the live band wasn’t playing . Literally the best wedding band ever."

Nicole (Bride)

Killingworth, CT
September 9, 2019
"So good!!! These guys are so f*king good. Honestly, they absolutely killed it - our guests are still talking about how great the band was. They are responsible and responsive in the planning phase, they are very talented musicians, and they know how to party."

Andrea (Bride)

Center Lovell, ME
August 8, 2019
"East Coast Soul is hands down the best wedding band out there. Their vibe, energy, professionalism and most of all, performance were outstanding! From the moment we chose to work with them, everything ran smoothly. It was a very straightforward process and they worked with us on everything from the ceremony through the reception. We had a string quartet at our ceremony and it really made all the difference. It was beautiful. We had a few of the band members play at the cocktail hour and the vibe was perfect. I can't say enough about the Stax Ensemble at the reception. From the moment they started playing through the end of the night, the dance floor was packed. Their song choices and performance were absolutely amazing and the night was everything we could have imagined and more. Months after the wedding we are still getting compliments on the band and have people telling us they were the best wedding band ever. Highly recommend this fabulous group. Thank you so much, ECS!!!"

Shelby (Bride)

Kennebunk, ME
August 8, 2019
"I literally cannot stop talking about how amazing this band was at our wedding. I have never danced so much at a wedding and I've never seen so many people both on the dance floor and moving tables to dance on the grass around it! I truly am not just saying that because it was my own wedding - this band was the talk of the entire next morning's brunch. We had the Stax ensemble with Dan and Astha singing and they are some of the most engaging performers I've ever seen. The whole band is so immensely talented and they did an excellent job with learning our first dance song, playing really appropriate (but good!) dinner music, and then turning it UP for the dance party. They also were so awesomely accommodating about traveling and making sure all details were accounted for. Thank you ECS!!!"

Cicely (Bride)

Stratton, VT
August 8, 2019
"East Coast Soul (the Stax ensemble) was the LIFE OF THE PARTY for our wedding!!! Their enthusiasm and talent were bar none. They made the entire process seamless and easy for booking and leading up to the wedding. I cannot thank them enough for making our wedding so incredibly fun and memorable. Truly one of the best investments for our wedding. Our family and friends had such an incredible time dancing and it was a night none of us will ever forget. Thank you so much for being part of our big day. "

Mariah (Bride)

Rye, NH
July 7, 2019
"If you’re debating DJ or Band and you came across East Coast Soul….100% hands down please consider working with ECS. You won’t regret it, and neither will your guests. Our guests still talk about the music at our wedding. I had attended 3 friends’ weddings where ECS performed over the course of a few years, so that’s how I became acquainted with them - when we began planning our wedding we knew for a fact we’d hire ECS, even though they were in Boston and we were in NYC. We did check out a few other bands and listen to them just to see what else was out there and that ended up being an inefficient use of our time… as ECS was that much better. Their musicians and vocalists are so incredibly talented – sometimes we’d stop dancing just to watch the performance. Their musicality is amazing and they know how to read a crowd – which is exactly what you want at your party. No need to give them a playlist. Strongly suggest you shift some of your floral budget over to band/music and hire ECS – it will be so worth it."

Annelise (Bride)

New York City, NY
May 5, 2019
"We had the most perfect night on Saturday night with East Coast Soul at our wedding!! We loved every minute of the music! The band had the most amazing energy the whole night and no one left the dance floor!! We were thrilled with everything they played and it truly made the night one that our guests and we will never forget! We had so many wonderful compliments and raving reviews from all of our guests! Our wedding night wouldn’t have been the same without east coast soul there!"

Kelly (Bride)

Fairlee, VT
September 9, 2018
"ECS MADE our wedding—all the guests had an absolute blast, and we were blown away by both the energy put forth by all the musicians as well as the musical quality. We got more compliments on the band than we could ever have imagined. Guests were even telling us that they "felt like the went to a concert" that night. I couldn't be happier with our decision to work with ECS. They were professional and communicative leading up to the wedding, and shined brilliantly during the day-of performance. We can't thank the band enough."

Jeff (Groom)

Groton, MA
August 8, 2018
"ECS played our wedding in July, and they were unbelievable. Sean and Art were great in the months leading up to the wedding, always responded promptly and professionally, and answered all of our questions. The performance itself was absolutely awesome - we and our guests were blown away at the quality of the music and the energy of all the players. I highly recommend the full 10 piece band! All in all, ECS was probably the single best decision we made in the process of planning the wedding. They knocked it out of the park! "

Nicholas (Groom)

Portsmouth, RI
July 7, 2018
"It would be hard to overstate and/or encapsulate in 3500 characters how good East Coast Soul is. Next to deciding to marry my spouse, this was the best decision I made in regards our wedding day. As you might expect, the whole process was easy, from the band initially getting in touch with us, to getting a sense of what we wanted/didn't want, to helping us with ceremony sound. They have a very easy-to-complete google survey for your preferences, timing, etc. Showed up to the venue well ahead of time, ready to go. All thumbs up on the organizational front. But let me talk about the band. Oh my god, the band. At some point during my mother/son dance, when I let my attention widen in scope, I thought to myself in the back of my mind, "Damn, these guys are GOOD." And then it just got better. And better. And better. The entire main set, I don't think there was one butt in a chair. Our family friends' younger daughter, who I've been told is shy and introverted, was dancing the entire night. An older relative who I didn't even think could safely walk up three flights of stairs danced the entire night. I think the guy dishing out Ben and Jerry's in the back corner was dancing the entire night. I have several friends that range from very-good-amateur to professional-level musicians who were standing transfixed in front of the stage like they were at a concert. During the final song I crowd surfed (!). My spouse crowd surfed (!!!!). The lead singer crowd surfed (!!!!!!!!!!). After the whole thing was over people were left looking at each other in that manner that people do when they need to confirm that what just happened, happened, and that they weren't having a hallucination. It was that good. It goes without saying that everyone was asking me for the band's name, telling me this was the best band they have ever seen at a wedding, etc. etc. etc., all the accolades you normally hear about in wedding reviews. But it was better than that. It was a religious experience. I find myself waking abruptly in the middle of the night because I was shouting The Isley Brothers in my sleep. I'm worried the dry cleaner won't be able to clean my suit because it got so sweaty. I'm still not sure if my uncle has gotten his voice back yet. Please, let me help you save some of your wedding planning time for flowers or photographers or linens or whatever else you need. Book this band. Right. Now."

Kurt (Groom)

Chittenden, VT
July 7, 2018
"The best wedding band! We were blown away by how great ECS was -- working with them to plan the music for our wedding was so easy and they were really accommodating with all of our special requests. We booked the Stax ensemble and opted for a 6-piece band, and they were fantastic. The mix of music was just what we wanted, and the performance by the vocalists really upped the energy level with our guests. We barely stopped dancing all night and our guests raved about the band. We had them help with the mic/sound for our outdoor ceremony as well, and that was also super easy and smooth. We would highly recommend booking ECS!"

Rachel (Bride)

Scarborough, ME
June 6, 2018
"You can trust East Coast Soul Throughout the whole process, from reaching out to them to packing up on the night of the wedding these guys were professional, fun, and willing to go the extra mile. First, get a band for your wedding. These guys bring so much energy, entertainment and talent it's absolutely worth it. Now that you've made that decision, you'll be safe with East Coast Soul. When we started reaching out we told them our date, what we music we were interested in etc. However, we didn't sign a contract right away. East Coast soul and Sean were very patient. Finally, they reached out and said, "We have someone else who would like to put a deposit down but we've already been talking with you guys." It was very kind and courteous. Obviously, that little bit of pressure got us to pull the trigger. I'm glad we did. 

Their whole demeanor and style is to be upfront, kind, and honest. They want the night to be as awesome and successful as you do. The night of the wedding, they did a great job reading the crowd, MC'ing the night, and providing extra equipment. Their skill and talent rise above their truly excellent music. They also have a keen sense of rhythm for the night and an awareness of how the party should be rolling. At one point they were supposed to play a slow song to allow for cutting the cake but Sean wisely spotted the look the bride was sending him and noticed the cake wasn’t ready. He wordlessly nodded and adapted the plan. None of the guests noticed, but it’s that kind of skill you need at a wedding. 
We had a ‘backyard style’ wedding and no wedding planner so the expertise they brought was very welcome. They showed up on time, followed the limited instructions we’d given and ran with the plan without being inflexible. 

Throwing a wedding, you’ve got to hire vendors you trust to do a good job and then stand back and let them kill it. That’s just what East Coast Soul did for us. Because we’d hired the best, we didn’t need to stress over the details, they had the whole thing covered. 
Their music was amazing, people were up and dancing the whole night. They read the crowd, learned all the songs we asked for, (and they sounded great on those songs (talking heads, and rolling stones), and even played an extra hour! 

Throwing a wedding can be stressful. Hire these guys, you won’t be sorry, your guests won’t be sorry, your wallet won’t be sorry, and you won’t have to stress over any entertainment."

Whitman (Groom)

Saunderstown, RI
June 6, 2018
"The BEST. If your considering ECS for your event or wedding, this should be the easiest decision you’ll make. I’ve attended 5 weddings (including my own) with ECS, and they bring 150% every time. Even people who are rhythmically challenged will dance up a storm, trust me. Total pleasure to deal work with Sean, Art and the whole crew from start to finish. Your guests will be complimenting you on the band for months to come. "

Sean (Groom)

Boston, MA
June 6, 2018
"As we were planning our Newport wedding over the last year, we knew that the band was the priority! Every memorable wedding we had been to were always the best dance parties and we knew we had friends and family that brought the energy! Needless to say we had very high expectations for our band. After hearing ECS at a Newport wedding two winters ago, we knew they were for us. Not only are they professional, responsive, and diligent in the planning process, but they are so much FUN night of. They are performers in every way and brought the exact energy that we had been after. Our guests and us loved loved loved every song and frankly did not want them to stop. We cannot thank them/you enough for the best party of our lives. We will certainly be reliving their songs and music for quite some time! "

Dana (Bride)

Newport, RI
May 5, 2018
"ECS played at our wedding over Memorial Day and they truly made the entire event. We had the 'Stax Ensemble' and not only are they all exceptional musicians, but their energy and stage presence is extraordinary. They are so good at reading the crowd and basing their set list on how everyone is feeling. They were also so easy to work with including songs to play at the reception, ceremony and cocktail hour. This is the first and only band I've seen that had all of our guests, ranging all age groups, out on the floor dancing - including my 92 year old great aunt! We had so many of our guests tell us that ECS was the best wedding band they've ever seen, and we feel so fortunate to have used them!! Highly HIGHLY recommend!! "

Laura (Bride)

Arlington, VT
May 5, 2018
"We hired ECS after seeing them at my cousin's wedding in 2015, so we knew they were great. East Coast Soul was absolutely unbelievable at our wedding. Their energy is AWESOME and their dance moves make the performance. The entire night our dance floor was packed thanks to them! Our wedding coordinator said he's never seen that many people on the dance floor for that long! My husband (who has a good voice) sang Shout with the band and it was so nice that they made it happen. My mom requested a special song at the ceremony and the band learned all of the words and sang it beautiful. We had one singer and a pianist at the ceremony. "

Kelsie (Bride)

Boston, MA
December 12, 2017
"In planning our daughter's wedding we really wanted the music to stand out, and with East Coast Soul we got exactly what we wanted. I'm not exaggerating when I say that the dance floor was full the entire night, and those not dancing were standing to watch the band because they were such amazing entertainers! Our guests could not stop talking about this band! And band managers get bonus points for being so delightful to work with right from our first contact months before the wedding. ECS was one of the best decisions we made when planning the wedding. Highest possible recommendations""

Franca (Mother of the Bride)

Boston, MA
December 12, 2017
"Stop looking for any other wedding band and hire East Coast Soul! They are truly an amazing band. I had read all the awesome reviews prior to booking them but nothing could have prepared me for the level of energy they brought to the dance floor. At least 20 of my guests told me that this was the best wedding band that they had ever seen and multiple people asked me their name for future bookings. They had all my guests dancing the night away and their dance skills and vocals make you feel like you are at a concert. People were going nuts for them! In addition, they are consummate professionals and always readily available via email to answer questions quickly. They are so talented and provided AV services and music for our ceremony, cocktail hour, and wedding reception seamlessly transitioning from classical to jazz to Motown to top 40 hits. They are the best! "

Kinza (Bride)

Bretton Woods, NH
October 10, 2017
"You can't really get much better than Stax/East Coast Soul. My wife and I had high expectations when we booked them, but were completely blown away after they performed our wedding. We had the 10 piece group and their keyboardist played the ceremony, in addition to a jazz trio for the cocktail hour. The sound they provided was top notch (no feedback shrills at any point, which I have experienced a lot in the past) and the energy was incredibly high. Sean and Art were both super professional and I was able to put a lot of trust in them to deliver a premium performance. I used to play music professionally and speaking from experience, you can't really get much better than this group. They were super fun and the singers had choreographed dancing throughout the nonstop reception. Thanks again for the awesome performance and the great memories ECS! "

Mark (Groom)

Philadelphia, PA
September 9, 2017
"Absolutely unbelievable! I first saw ECS in 2011 when they were performing in Boston. I knew then that I wanted them for my wedding someday! Over the next few years I actually used them for a couple of corporate events as I am an event planner by trade. Finally when I got engaged in 2015, they were literally my 3rd call after my family to say "It's time to finally perform for me!". I worked with Sean & Art leading up to the wedding on exactly what I wanted and they did more than deliver. They got every detail exactly as I wanted-include a music mix for my Father/Daugther dance. As a former wedding coordinator, I was very particular that I wanted our music to be the "key feature" of the event- after all, that's what people remember the most! Wedding day came and ECS killed it- they performed our first dance which was a country song- a bit out of their element but you'd never know it! (Dan & Shay, From the Ground Up). The kept the crowd on the floor the ENTIRE night- including my 85 year old aunt!! At the end of the night, my guests were literally yelling "encore, encore". When else do you see that at a WEDDING?! I honestly can't say enough good things about ECS. I can't think of anyone else that even compares to the level of entertainment they provide. I can 200% guarantee that if you book them you will love them just as much as I did- well a close second anyways ;) Thank you Sean, Art & Crew for making our night SO special! We love you guys! "

Jackie (Bride)

Mashpee, MA
September 9, 2017
"East Coast Soul played at our wedding in Salem in July - month later, our guests are still raving about how we had the best band ever! From the very first song, the dance floor was packed and it stayed that way until the end of the night. The singers were absolutely amazing and my friends are still talking about them - they got so into the music, dancing and giving a great performance that everyone else did too. They also did a great job with the music for our ceremony and cocktail hour, with acoustic versions of songs we had selected for the ceremony and a jazz trio during the cocktail hour. They were great to work with and made the whole process go so smoothly. Hiring East Coast Soul was hands-down the best decision we made to turn our wedding into an unforgettable night for everyone! Thank you all! "

Meghan (Bride)

Salem, MA
July 7, 2017
"There are no words to describe the “awesomeness” that is East Coast Soul! They are a hurricane of energy, talent and great music. They are more than a band, they are vibrant performers that are able to sense the tone of the room and play exactly what’s needed every moment of your wedding. By the end of the night, the members of ECS were our friends that were seamlessly part of our wedding! They brought everyone to the dance floor…I mean EVERYONE and played songs that were loved by all generations present. Throughout the course of the night I had multiple people tell me it was the best wedding band they had ever seen and were so happy to be part of the experience. ECS were great to work with throughout the entire process and they travelled all the way to Vermont for our wedding. They were super organized and helpful and even went so far as to learn a song that my father wrote for our dance together! I have never seen my dad so touched and overjoyed. If there is any debate in your mind between getting a DJ or getting a band, do yourself a favor…stop worrying, and hire these guys! They are worth it and will not disappoint. East Coast Soul is one of the reasons our wedding was a hit! They brought the love, energy and life to our party. "

Allyson (Bride)

Waitsfield, VT
July 7, 2017
"East Coast Soul is AMAZING!!!! They were one of the biggest parts in making our wedding day such a fun, wonderful celebration. So easy to work with throughout the whole process and communication was great. We are already brainstorming when we can host another function to be able to hire them again!! "

Lauryn (Bride)

Durham, CT
June 6, 2017
"We had East Coast Soul perform at our wedding this past week. My husband, I, and all of our guests cannot say enough great things about the band. The experience was great starting with our initial conversations with Art and Sean from the band. Planning was so easy and stress-free even when planning from across the country. They were responsive to emails and calls throughout the entire planning process. They made sure to understand exactly the type of experience we wanted for the wedding. The day of the wedding started with an acoustic duo during cocktail hour. We already started getting rave reviews from our guests about how great their performance was. We were BLOWN AWAY by the reception performance. From the very first song our dance floor was packed. I have never been to a wedding where there was no one in their seats. Every age from 10 to 90 loved the music. The band kept us having fun and dancing throughout the entire night. I am still getting contacted from guests to find out the name of the band and to share their compliments. I would not hesitate to book East Coast Soul for a wedding reception. They are truly the whole package. I only hope that I can see them again at a friend/family's wedding in the future!"

Stephanie (Bride)

December 12, 2016

Stax Weddings

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The Coonamessett

August 24th, 2019

An absolutely beautiful August Wedding at the The Coonamessett in Falmouth, MA where East Coast Soul had the guests screaming for an encore!

Pieces: Eight Piece

West Dennis Yacht Club

September 21st, 2019

A beautiful September wedding at the West Dennis Yacht Club in West Dennis, MA where East Coast Soul's Stax ensemble blew the roof off the place!


Chatfield Hollow

September 7th, 2019

A stunning September wedding at the Chatfield Hollow in Killingworth, CT where East Coast Soul's Stax ensemble blew the roof off the place!


Mountain View Grand Resort and Spa

September 1st, 2019

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Private Residence

August 31st, 2019

A beautiful August wedding at the Private Residence in Little Compton, RI where East Coast Soul's Stax ensemble blew the roof off the place!


Stratton Mountain Resort

August 3rd, 2019

An incredible August wedding at the Stratton Mountain Resort in Stratton, VT where East Coast Soul's Stax ensemble had the guests screaming for an encore!


Mad River Barn

July 6th, 2019

A stunning July wedding at the Mad River Barn in Waitsfield, VT where East Coast Soul's Stax ensemble had the guests screaming for an encore!


The Mount

June 29th, 2019

A beautiful June wedding at the The Mount in Lenox, MA where East Coast Soul's Stax ensemble had the guests screaming for an encore!


Granite Links Golf Club

June 28th, 2019

A beautiful June wedding at the Granite Links Golf Club in Quincy, MA where East Coast Soul's Stax ensemble had the guests screaming for an encore!


Twin Lake Village

June 15th, 2019

A beautiful June wedding at the Twin Lake Village in New London, NH where East Coast Soul's Stax ensemble had the guests screaming for an encore!


Mountain Top Inn & Resort

May 18th, 2019

A beautiful May wedding at the Mountain Top Inn & Resort in Chittenden, VT where East Coast Soul's Stax ensemble had the guests screaming for an encore!


Suicide 6

January 6th, 2019

A stunning January wedding at the Suicide 6 in Pomfret, VT where East Coast Soul's Stax ensemble had the guests screaming for an encore!


Otesaga Resort Hotel

December 8th, 2018

A stunning December wedding at the Otesaga Resort Hotel in Cooperstown, NY where East Coast Soul's Stax ensemble had the guests screaming for an encore!


Rivermill at Dover Landing

November 10th, 2018

A beautiful November wedding at the Rivermill at Dover Landing in Dover, NH where East Coast Soul's Stax ensemble blew the roof off the place!

An incredible November wedding at the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology in Boston, MA where East Coast Soul's Stax ensemble had the guests screaming for an encore!


Shelburne Farms

September 29th, 2018

An amazing September wedding at the Shelburne Farms in Shelburne, VT where East Coast Soul's Stax ensemble blew the roof off the place!


Private Residence

August 25th, 2018

An amazing August wedding at the Private Residence in Mattapoisett, MA where East Coast Soul's Stax ensemble blew the roof off the place!


Willowdale Estate

August 18th, 2018

An incredible August wedding at the Willowdale Estate in Topsfield, MA where East Coast Soul's Stax ensemble had the guests screaming for an encore!


Fort Adams

June 29th, 2018

A stunning June wedding at the Fort Adams in Newport, RI where East Coast Soul's Stax ensemble had the guests screaming for an encore!


Broadturn Farm

June 24th, 2018

A beautiful June wedding at the Broadturn Farm in Scarborough, ME where East Coast Soul's Stax ensemble blew the roof off the place!


The Liberty Hotel

June 9th, 2018

An incredible June wedding at the The Liberty Hotel in Boston, MA where East Coast Soul's Stax ensemble blew the roof off the place!


Thompson Island

June 2nd, 2018

A stunning June wedding at the Thompson Island in Boston, MA where East Coast Soul's Stax ensemble blew the roof off the place!


Willowbend Country Club

May 12th, 2018

A beautiful May wedding at the Willowbend Country Club in Mashpee, MA where East Coast Soul's Stax ensemble blew the roof off the place!


Hyatt Regency Boston Harbor

December 30th, 2017

A stunning December wedding at the Hyatt Regency Boston Harbor in Boston, MA where East Coast Soul's Stax ensemble had the guests screaming for an encore!


State Room: A Longwood Venue

November 11th, 2017

A beautiful November wedding at the State Room: A Longwood Venue in where East Coast Soul's Stax ensemble had the guests screaming for an encore!


Spencer-Peirce-Little Farm

October 22nd, 2017

A beautiful October wedding at the Spencer-Peirce-Little Farm in Newbury, MA where East Coast Soul's Stax ensemble had the guests screaming for an encore!


Fairmount Park Horticulture Center

September 2nd, 2017

A beautiful September wedding at the Fairmount Park Horticulture Center in Philadelphia, PA where East Coast Soul's Stax ensemble blew the roof off the place!


Metropolitan Building

April 1st, 2017

An incredible April wedding at the Metropolitan Building in New York City, NY where East Coast Soul's Stax ensemble had the guests screaming for an encore!


Willowdale Estate

March 13th, 2017

A beautiful March wedding at the Willowdale Estate in Ipswich, MA where East Coast Soul's Stax ensemble had the guests screaming for an encore!


Courtyard by Marriott Boston Downtown

December 10th, 2016

An incredible December wedding at the Courtyard by Marriott Boston Downtown in Boston, MA where East Coast Soul's Stax ensemble had the guests screaming for an encore!


Gedney Farm

November 5th, 2016

A stunning November wedding at the Gedney Farm in New Marlborough, MA where East Coast Soul's Stax ensemble had the guests screaming for an encore!