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Testimonials from Bittersweet Farm Restaurant and Tavern

"Simply put ECS are the best wedding band on the face of the Earth! Not only are their musicians incredibly talented, but they absolutely nailed the feel we we're going for the entirety of the night. Young and old alike did not stop dancing the entire evening, and the feedback we got form our guests overwhelmingly echoed the statements above. Additionally, their staff were incredibly professional, attentive and personable, and made the entire process seamless and easy. My wife and I cannot speak highly enough of ECS and would recommend them to anyone and everyone in a heartbeat! "

Russ (Groom)

Westport, MA
June 30, 2018
"My fiance was not sure about the idea of getting a band for our wedding. She was content with a DJ and I really had to sell her on the idea that a band was the way to go. It was, her words not mine, "the best decision I have ever persuaded her to buy into". When I was trying to find the best band that fit our budget (as young, recent college graduates), East Coast Soul rose above the rest. The band was responsive to emails (typically the same-day I would send one), upfront about what they could provide, and open to negotiation once we discussed our wedding budget. The weeks leading up to the wedding, East Coast Soul worked with myself and my fiance to provide us with a customized wedding experience fit for our venue and our crowd. We filled out a survey to give the band a general idea of what we were looking for during the wedding, and the band connected with us and the venue shortly after filling out the survey to iron-out specific details on the night. East Coast Soul talked us through what the day of the wedding would look like, and were comfortable to make suggestions and recommendations (about both the day and the music selection) that would help prepare us for what was to come. By the time we arrived at Bittersweet Farm for the wedding, the band was already there setting up for the event. The music was AWESOME. I cannot tell you the number of people who came up to me during the night, and days after the event talking to me about how "this was the best wedding band they have ever heard". The crowd was ALIVE and even people who had to go home because of work the next day stayed until the very end. Everyone from younger relatives to our friends in their 20's to parents and grandparents were on the dance floor until the very end! Our wedding was truly something special, and I cannot think of any other band that would have fit our wedding better than East Coast Soul. It was truly everything that we could have asked for...and then some."

Michael (Groom)

Westport, MA
July 12, 2015

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