East Coast Soul Wedding Performance

Spring House Hotel Wedding in Block Island, RI

September 13, 2014

Danielle & Evan

Ensemble: Soulsville | Eight Piece

A stunning wedding at the Spring House Hotel in Block Island, RI where East Coast Soul's Soulsville ensemble blew the roof off the place!


"ECS was amazing!!! They were everything we hoped for in a wedding band. Our dance floor was jam packed all night long with all generations of guests! To start with, they are great to work with. Very quick to respond, very professional, and very reasonably priced! We got married on Block Island it was their first time playing out there. We took the chance because we were really into their style. So happy we did it. They were great! They did a great job with the announcements, which is always challenging when you are announcing 26 people. They got all of the names right! The music was awesome! Additionally, we had some friends who are in a band and they wanted to play a song that night. This was a surprise and was not pre-arranged at all. The band was so accommodating and let all the guys get on stage and play their song. The horn players from ECS joined them in an LCD Soundsystem cover. Pretty awesome to have the band able to switch gears like that at the drop of a hat. It was amazing! The guys are my husband’s best friends so having them up there was so special for us. ECS could have easily said no, as this was a disruption to their show and set-up but they were AWESOME!!! I recommend ECS 100%!!!"

Danielle (Bride)

Block Island, RI
September 13, 2014

East Coast Soul was fortunate to be invited to join Danielle & Evan for their stunning Spring House Hotel Wedding in Block Island, RI.

Preprations for Danielle & Evan's Big Day

Our preparations for the wedding began well ahead, with Danielle & Evan offering a myriad of musical and logistical options with us for the wedding (we take our preparation process extremely seriously). Danielle & Evan were happy to be a key part of this advanced planning and super helpful throughout.

Once the wedding arrived, East Coast Soul traveled to Block Island, RI and moved swiftly through our standard load-in, set up, and sound check process for Spring House Hotel weddings. Being prepared for load-in and set-up at any given venue is a critical part of our workflow. This is a part of the day that we take seriously, spending extra time to avoid rushing, and ensuring our gear is properly tuned for the room.


In this case, East Coast Soul was not involved with couple's ceremony, with those arrangements having already been taken care of.

Spring House Hotel Wedding

Cocktail Hour

As is common, East Coast Soul was asked to provide cocktail hour music. Cocktail hour is a wonderful chance for the bride and groom to unwind after the intense emotions of the ceremony. We do our part by performing a variety of relaxed music for guests to enjoy listening to. In this case, and featured music by artists such as John Coltrane, Miles Davies, and more.

Spring House Hotel Wedding


In a lion's share of wedding celebrations, the band is asked to provide MC services for the formal portions of the receptions. This Spring House Hotel Wedding was no different.

The couple’s First Dance

The groom and bride's first dance is invariably one of the most emotional parts of the wedding. It's a chance for the bride and groom to take a moment for themselves. With this portion of the evening finished, the guests and vendors took a break for dinner. After as short a break as possible, East Coast Soul's Soulsville ensemble circled back to the stage.

Dance Party

our shows often start with older material. We've found this is a great way to get folks relaxed and dancing with songs they're familiar with. Artists like Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, Sam and Dave, and more dominated the outset of our performance. We then transitioned into performing music by artists like Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Prince and more. Finally, we ended the night performing contemporary material that everyone could sing along with.

Guests danced non-stop from beginning to end, and we limited our breaks to ensure people had as much time to dance as possible.

Thanks so much to Danielle & Evan for having us at their beautiful September wedding at Spring House Hotel!

Spring House Hotel Wedding

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