East Coast Soul is more than a band. We are a collective of Boston, New York, and New England's finest musicians.


Over the years, East Coast Soul's demand has grown exponentially, as has our network of close musical companions. As a result, we've developed into a boutique collective of elite ensembles, each based on the same core repertoire and performance style, but inspired by the unique energy of their musicians and vocalists. Learn more below.














We produce all our media 100% live. No studio tricks or karaoke backing tracks. This is our sound, and this is your band.


The core of East Coast Soul's strength lies in a finely curated repertoire based on timeless songs delivered with unparalleled energy and talent.

"...We had 230 guests at our wedding and once the band started, nobody sat down again, even the grandparents! The playlist was amazing - hit after hit of timeless awesome songs... there were literally rows of people at the front of the dance floor just watching and dancing to ECS like we were at a concert..."

Debbi A. - August 8, 2015

Classic material brought with contemporary energy

Your guests are not of one age, background, or demographic. That's why we take pride in being able to provide music from a vast array of musical eras and genres so your entire group of family and friends can feel comfortable and excited about hopping on the dance floor.

"...They absolutely blew the place away. Everyone got up and started dancing immediately. Their bread and butter is Motown and Soul music, but make no mistake, they crushed the modern hits just as much as they did the old school stuff..."

Abigail S. - September 12, 2015

A commitment to performing today's music with a unique vibe

The music of today has an amazing ability to bring your celebration to the next level. That is, if it's done well. We source the best of today's Top 40 music and blend it with our unique, soulful performance style so you're hearing the music you want to hear with an unmatched energy and style.

"...The wide variety of music played (from classics to contemporary) was phenomenal for the diverse crowd. The music was AWESOME. The crowd was ALIVE... Everyone from younger relatives to our friends in their 20's to parents and grandparents were on the dance floor until the very end!..."

Michael M. - July 12, 2015

Your vision, our expertise, combined to create the ideal atmosphere

Sure we can make recommendations about what has worked well for us in the past, but in reality it's about making your musical vision come to life. Consider us your musical mixologists: you give us the flavors you're interested in, and we'll bring it to life with our unique, high-energy performance style.

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